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  1. MoonChild

    Mac Dre Remastered demos, b-sides & unreleased comp project!vnIzUaIA!Naxvl8S0D3hQSUJ5_hU14w New link for those who missed it. Wish there were better quality source files to remaster from. Hope his fam does a pro remaster from the reels & dats sometime..
  2. MoonChild

    I.M.P. - 1990 - IMP Dogs EP (DJ MoonChild's Extended Remaster)

    Def made em for the folks who would appreciate em. Hopefully we get professional remaster releases sometime.
  3. MoonChild

    I.M.P. - 1990 - IMP Dogs EP (DJ MoonChild's Extended Remaster)!CmhgQC6a!Xj_1-EPIw-RX0-gAv5Ncvg Anyone have a better tape rip of these, send em thru n ill remaster from there.
  4. MoonChild

    I.M.P. - 1989 - No Prisoners EP (DJ MoonChild's Extended Remaster)

    Anyone have a better quality tape rip of this?
  5. MoonChild

    Cougnut album?? Anyone??

    Good shit any info on it? Tracks, features, lable, etc.
  6. MoonChild

    I.M.P. - 1989 - No Prisoners EP (DJ MoonChild's Extended Remaster)!mmI0WKwA!D9Q_ruXJY6YHpvgjBebUfA IMP Dogs EP up next. Keepin Cougar Alive. If anyone has better quality source files send em thru n ill remaster those n update these.
  7. MoonChild

    Cougnut album?? Anyone??

    Uploads comin
  8. MoonChild

    Cougnut album?? Anyone??

    Remastered both eps with highest quality sources i could find.
  9. MoonChild

    Les G Presents: Da Trigga Gotz No Heart (1994) (DJ MoonChild Remasters)!K3wDGSpT!6szD4wntJKSWJwnadXPa2g Did My Own Sequence As well. Les G production the highlight of this comp for me, classic frisco underground, cassette only release.
  10. MoonChild

    AP9 on Howard Stern!PzoS1Kxa!EyuKaWkUcz5qTnYZ5fZKOw U jus need the date.
  11. MoonChild

    Nickatina feat. Pimpton 90-25 new official vid.

    Dope beat n delivery. Slaps.
  12. MoonChild

    Essential 90's Bay Area Albums

    West coast bad boys vol. 1 Click game related Nickatina raven E-40 in a major way Paris debut Digital underground sex packets Somethin from heiro/del Dre dog passion Rbl ruthless by law Hitman solo creep 211 ounce of game Imp.. Mc mall illegal business mac dre ybb..too many..
  13. MoonChild

    Top 3 E-40 albums?

    Game related tho too, if u a feezy fan gotta have that one.
  14. MoonChild

    Dre Dog and Cougnut..."Muthafucka" Live '94

    Anyone have a decent vid rip of this? Mine's a shitty flv. Rip.