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    yea im sure he does sell more cds but i fucc with both there music real tough but u can get @reece loc cds from lots of sites to purchase ive only found Cos cds on Bandcamp and its only a download..
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    Classic Lynch Muzicc

  3. maniacc

    Jac Thrila

    What eva happend to that Jac Thrilla-Goblin City cd that was suppose to come out last year? That mufucca b gassin on the mic
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    Looking for a site that the Prisons approve to recieve Music Cd'

    Tryin 2 send bro-n-law some more Cdz but they dont xcept Amazon anymore i kno they xcept Best Buy but not a wide selection of Gangsta rap.. They dont approve of third party websites so if u personally send Cdz to folks in the Pen what site do yall use.
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    New COS mixtape- Shadows

    Good lookin out @RAVAGE
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    ¢ вσ мσвfαтнєя 2

    ѕσ fαт ιм тнιѕ ¢∂ ѕℓαρριи. ∂яσρρє∂ α ∂ѕу єαяℓу ѕσ ιм fυ¢¢ιи ωιт ιт яєαℓ тσυgн.. ιf уαℓℓ αιит gσт ιт ι ѕυggєѕт уαℓℓ gєт ιт..
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    New Awol album

    Mafiia Royalty 2k14 coming out next month should b a good one. Already on Itunes for Preorder. Imma snatch it up when it comes out..
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    man wassup wit dis devious the 1 and only cant find this shyt nowhere but on itunes and i aint fuccin wit itunes anybody kno another place 2 cop dat. Get at me n let me kno wuts good.
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    Luni Coleone New Sac City.

    knoccin it right now and aint feelin it at ll. cuzz cudda came harder the that. Wut yall think whos feelin it. Dissapointed :mad: