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  1. Mac Jesus

    It’s been awhile

  2. Mac Jesus

    How many rappers/Producers do we have up in here?

    I have been rapping for many years and stuff like that
  3. Mac Jesus

    Kamala Harris Proposes Executive Orders to take all your guns ! Bidens vice lord lol

    Y'all democrat republican debates is trash. Hard-core on Trumps dick; hard-core on Bidens dick and still talking about Obama. Thing is - both sides are problematic. Just buy cryptocurrencies. Get Hyphy rich this time around and buy your own island to populate with supermodels.
  4. Mac Jesus

    Twitter IPO / Who Buyin?

    Low cap defi coins.
  5. Mac Jesus

    Twitter IPO / Who Buyin?

    Bubbles will make me a millionaire
  6. Mac Jesus

    Twitter IPO / Who Buyin?

  7. Mac Jesus

    Twitter IPO / Who Buyin?

  8. Mac Jesus

    Siccness still around?!?

    we have no lives
  9. Mac Jesus

    Taco Bell was lit in 1977!

    the old lady in that commercial is dead now
  10. Mac Jesus

    Layzie bone brings rap game back to life!

    Remember when he used to post here
  11. Mac Jesus

    White people

    My great great grandfather was chinese. My family was hella racist though and my great great aunt was considered a disgrace. He went missing and no one talked about him again. Somewhere I have a document with his last name on it - which apparently was probably actually his first name. Its crazy...
  12. Mac Jesus

    White people

    Its not so much having my DNA stored its paying money to have them do it. Especially since all the testing in regards to ancestry and when your roots are through DNA isn't 100. Im no expert though but I've worked with people who are and they don't trust 23andme or sites. But to be...
  13. Mac Jesus

    White people

    I aint paying no one to dump my DNA anywhere.
  14. Mac Jesus

    All Gangs Matter

  15. Mac Jesus

    All Gangs Matter

    They call me the garbage man because I take out the trash