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  1. lpbball725

    Mess - Elegant Project Murdah

    Some songs are different because of clearing samples. My boy told me that the next album Marv has with Mozzy is even better, in other words they are sitting on hits over there! Remember Aftermath wanted Marv at somepoint, imagine if he had Dr. Dre,Pete Rock, or Fiji Lee production.
  2. lpbball725

    The Tonite Show With Rich The Factor

    He has )catalogs, so you know this is going to be amazing! That DJ FRESH KAE ONE is classic!
  3. lpbball725

    Xbox emulator discs

    Anyone know where i can buy or get these at, the ones with mame and nintendo games
  4. lpbball725

    Rare music and MOvies

    my cousing from Down south visitied me and blessed me with the old undergroound 36 mafia and rare flicks like beer money holla at me