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  1. Law

    Siccness Rappers and Members Where are They Now?

    Right here fam! What's the word ?
  2. Law

    Pittsburgh Philthy and J Stalin in lawerence this Saturday

    Club magic .. Anyone going
  3. Law

    Anyone use the iPhone app for the siccness?

    Just curious if its any good
  4. Law

    Happy birthday Pittsburgh Philthy

    Happy birthday to my bro Pittsburgh ! Go get that outta the snake pit on iTunes And messy Marv presents Pittsburgh Philthy 'pittbull vicious' on iTunes as well
  5. Law

    2012 year end

    What's the best Midwest CDs, mix tapes that dropped in 2012
  6. Law

    watch the throne tour sprint center kcmo

    roll call .. whos going?
  7. Law

    J.Cin Compton

    Someone send me a current email or phone number.. [email protected] Thank you., Law
  8. Law

    Tech N9ne Entourage Shot after Performance

    thats crazy... i heard about it on my way to work on the JT THE BRICK show ... tom looney was saying it was tech that got shot but everything else ive read said it wasnt him.. they got to stay safe out there..
  9. Law


    get it active again... ideas?
  10. Law

    attention midwest artist!!!

    do you have a list of projects you have put out?
  11. Law


    ealy tech n9ne..
  12. Law

    fat tone mixtapes

    I tried texn u man.. Hit me up 8165897999 will be at harrahs this weekend
  13. Law

    fat tone mixtapes

    i lost all my fat tone cds and want some of his music, nothing on itunes, amazon, or datpiff.. someone hit me up i got cash for mp3's....or albums....
  14. Law

    Ron Ron Mixtapes

    damn, thanks, i will check these out tomorrow or sunday... i need these... im'a give u a vital too... unless ron wants them taken down...
  15. Law

    Interseted in Opening The Waken Dey Cook Game Up Tour (Messy Marv) in Midwest?

    im interested in some vip tickets