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    Spice 1 and Hooli Auto have a new album out‼️

    Change your name to who?li
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    Legit online pharmacies?

    Damn G you're a knock
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    Joe blow got his chain snatched

    C A L L I T W H A T C H U W A N T
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    Gabe takes the chat down...

    And this is why the chat is gone
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    White people

    It can also be easily proven that the Whiteman is a mutant by the fact that hey cannot survive under the sun. You cannot name one animal on the planet that has problems tolerating the sun. Why is it that pale skinned people can't survive in the sun without getting skin cancer or any other kind...
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    White people

    The Whiteman has perpetuated the idea that the Blackman evolved from the ape and the gorilla has subliminally been compared to the Blackman, but a gorilla has thin lips, straight limp hair and underneath all that hair you'll find pale, pinkish skin. Now who does that remind you of? BLONDE HAIR...
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    Jewish race/ Judaism

    These white so called Jews committed the BIGGEST identity theft in human history when they stole the identity of the REAL Jews of the Bible, the so called "African American". FACTS! Do some research! Shalom my brothers and sisters! 💯✊🏾
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    White people

    Whites always worrying about what other races are doing mean while their sons Todd, josh and jacob buying trench coats and fingerless gloves while hiding firearms and ammunition in the garage and basement getting ready to cause another mass tragedy. Silly neanders #EndRacism2020
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    White people

    Honkeys be like "thank god that Virginia shooter is black, we woulda got roasted if it was us AGAIN"... These are the statistics: White Mass Shooters: 327,574,980,432 Black Mass Shooters: 5
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    White people

    Whites don’t believe in god because they were created by yacub using the the DNA of the white Neanderthal cave monkeys in a lab on the island of Patmos then they were banished to the caves of Europe