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    WoDay Music, Lyrics, Songs, and Videos
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    ne updates
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    Horrorcore:The HeadHunterz

    If u havnt peeped the HEADHUNTERZ yer sleepin! U-Turn the demented Hypnotist one half of the headhunterz also has a page ill post his link soon
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    uhhuh both of yall [email protected] if u need beats
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    damn that track is raw [email protected] anytime 4 beats P-Loccsta ripped it on that
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    the new t-rock vid is raw notime 2 post link jus sayin
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    hell shea i clean my inbox homie get @ me i need a copy of the cd!
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    The Headhunterz

    the headhunterz are an up & coming horrorcore duo the memberz U-Turn & Buck-1 da Wikit have there debut L.P. droppin next month "A Box Of Bladez" recorded mixed & mastered by DJ Loot of On The Money Productions Produced by U-Turn I got the hear the whole cd recently visiting one8ghty studioz &...
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    whats guud semi didnt u use the beat i gave u? im lookin 4ward 2hearin this tho & gudlookin out 1nce again 4 that verse on my shit it was raw
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    PTP new Mixtape "Tha Mad Rapper Vol 2"

    vol.1 was a classic and the cover for this 1nz dope im bout 2 go D/L it rite now
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    attn siccness artist FREE exc beats

    whats good siccness ive been on here a long under 2 accounts back 2 the 91sicc days wit Roloc well neways im not doin well at all my health is fading fast and i havnt got 2 reach alot of my goals one such goal was networkin wit more siccness fam so i gotta new soundclick up and im gonna give...
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    peep this give sum feedback

    peep this give sum feedback this is a track from our project droppin in feb.
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    peep this give sum feedback

    peep this and give us sum feedback this is a track from our project droppin in feb.
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    haz ne1 heard the first stay fresh album

    if u havnt yer sleepin stay fresh demolishuss iz sum heat and im pretty critical of wat i listen 2 this is my homie but id slap this if i hated him and i prolly wouldnt be the first get this classic sactown debut while u still can it wont be pressed again
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    Thye Headhunterz

    Droppin 8-31-010 The ChoppShopp-feat.Amerikaz Most Haunted,Divided Alliegence,Hillside Killa,Brutha Smith,Stay Fresh,Stann Tha Mann,Casper & More....