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  1. Jake

    My life is complete.

    Yeah just act 1-3. Yeah I wasn't huge fan of the color spectrum. For some reason when they went outside of that story, regardless of how convoluted it was at times, it just seems to lose its luster. Just been listening to a lot of older albums since I have started collecting vinyl. A lot of...
  2. Jake

    My life is complete.

    Hahaha! I know better now. Whenever I sign in and see a bunch of mentions it's always from that freedom town thread. Never fails.
  3. Jake

    My life is complete.

    I'd rather you sign it as the legend RJ himself. Fuck Casey Just ordered all 3 dear hunters as well, not a fan of the new art they put on the vinyl though. I really liked the originals
  4. Jake

    My life is complete.

    Newest addition to my vinyl collection :)
  5. Jake

    Chiodos - Devil

    album sounds good. granted i havent listened to them since bone chalet but i like what i am hearing, sounds like the chiodos i remember
  6. Jake

    underground hip hop anyone?

    is ry still around?
  7. Jake

    underground hip hop anyone?

    some suggestions. i used to do this with some success back in the day but not sure if there is any interest on here anymore. lets find out this is what i have been listening to lately paranom and purpose- life outside the frame string theory (hex one and BBZ) - string theory umang and BBZ...
  8. Jake

    My favorite song today

    this EP is so good watch?v=HnEll91aM44&feature=kp
  9. Jake

    Freddie Gibbs Official Thread

    ehhhhhhhhhhhh still not big on gibbs but this album made me come around on him a little.
  10. Jake

    My favorite song today

    broke out some of my old viking/folk metal albums when i was cleaning house today watch?v=bAJgMVzU6SA
  11. Jake

    Nacho Picasso thread

    i finally got around to getting high and mighty. pretty dope. hit or miss with me. cant listen to it straight through like i could the BSBD ones
  12. Jake

    Top 10 albums of 2013

    better late than never right? @Palmer no order except top 3 ugly heroes-ugly heroes epidemic-somethin for tha listeners paranom and purpose-life outside the frame first light-fallacy fantasy trek life-hometown foreigner qwel-beautiful raw tanya morgan-rubber souls oddisee-tangible dream...
  13. Jake

    Random Album/Song upload thread

    both the real estate and war on drugs are dope.glad to see i can still come here after months away and still get good music. thanks guy
  14. Jake

    I just got a ps4. Need friends

    Haven't touched my ps3 in 2 years so friends list is slim. All my real friends are slacking. Hit me up. vJAKEv And I know this didn't need it's own thread but fuck you
  15. Jake

    Hey fellas

    Fuck you guys. I'm going to the coheed and cambria forums instead