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  1. JackArtist510

    Philthy Rich x CML - Set Trippin (Video)

    i don't listen to him much but these are his top 3 to me
  2. JackArtist510

    JT the BF vs. JDiggs

    Diggs looks like he will give JT a 1 hitter quitter. But JT might be immortal with all them drugs he's on!
  3. JackArtist510

    Andre Nickatina & Mac Roo - Im A Pisces II

    is this guy the same as "Mac Boo Rue" from a few years back?
  4. JackArtist510

    Mousie - Curb Service The Lost Files

    im diggin it.. dude should of put out more back in the day!
  5. JackArtist510

    Old messy marv would have murdered this new mess song

    not that i know of but he has a compilation too. its called "Intel Design" he got a few more famous rappers on there.
  6. JackArtist510

    Old messy marv would have murdered this new mess song

    the producer is "AD" aka Anthony Danza from Seattle.. he is dope as hell. yea too bad Messy can't rap no more, they had a good chemistry. these 30 songs soon to be released on Mozzy's label are prob the last of his music that makes sense. honestly i'm just waitin on that "Bag Look Like" song...
  7. JackArtist510

    Equipto x The Architect - Our 2Cents (album stream)

    pretty dope, it's refreshing to hear somethin different from the Bay. he has been pretty consistent
  8. JackArtist510

    BAY RYDAZ this is what he's talkin about. not the same as B12's compilation. the Cougnut song "Faces Of Death" aka "Murder Killa" doesnt have Assassin or Jaz on it, but it does feature G-Pack from San...
  9. JackArtist510

    MAC Rell signed to rap-A-Lot!?!!!!

    this the dude with those album covers that look like rough drafts? haha
  10. JackArtist510

    Rip Big Cholo

    crazy how many freeway shootings happen around here! r.i.p. to dude
  11. JackArtist510

    Cougnut album?? Anyone??

    i would love the hear the mentioned leaks professionally mixed and mastered by the right people. also if i remember correctly there was a GANG of songs listed in that one ancient thread that were never leaked.
  12. JackArtist510

    Lil Sicx 2019 Interview

    any chances of collabing with Hyst? i think your styles might be able to mesh
  13. JackArtist510

    Tre-8 - Oak Park/Ask

    whats it called? never knew they had a song, thought they had beef the entire time
  14. JackArtist510

    The Tonite Show With X-Raided (Now Recording)

    sounds interesting.. apple and oranges for sure! both are great at what they do, we shall see how it will mesh. X-Raided also workin with EA-Ski too!