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  1. JackArtist510

    Summertime in the P

    it's crazy how this stuff gets unearthed 10-20 years later! seems to be the trend lately with Johnny Ca$h, Jacka, etc. and hopefully Cougnut next!
  2. JackArtist510

    Big oso loc

    what ever happened to Lil Coner? wasnt a huge fan, those compilations were decent tho
  3. JackArtist510

    Why was Jacka so big in the UK

    Bay rap and So Cal G-Funk have a huge cult following in Europe, just check youtube comments and they will shoutout from their countries.
  4. JackArtist510

    New Kausion album - Youth-Anasia out on 02/04

    should be interesting.. is this unreleased stuff?
  5. JackArtist510

    E-A Ski

    He is always active on IG. i have a feeling his price is too high for most artists cuz why else dont we see him workin with people? big mystery to me. he still makes them slaps tho. check his IG, he has been producing for X-Raided lately. supposedly droppin a solo project too
  6. JackArtist510

    No Sense (Johnny Ca$h, YS, Lowkey) - 98 Til Now check out the snippets here. This album is dope.. an unearthed gem from 1998 featuring pre-hyphy Johnny Ca$h. Wish it listed production credits. #1 sounds like DJ Daryl and #3 sounds like Tone Capone. It even has Levitti on one hook. This...
  7. JackArtist510

    The Definitive Sample thread

    at 8:40 and throughout
  8. JackArtist510

    The Definitive Sample thread

    i love these threads.. there is a Bay Area version in the B.A.R.T. section. i love a good challenge if anyone needs a sample origin!
  9. JackArtist510

    The Gateway 2

    is Mr. Ree = Ree Ree from Northern Ghetto Boys?
  10. JackArtist510

    RBC Bugzy - Coupes In The Winter [Album Stream]

    never listened to dude but i heard he got killed yesterday 12/31/19??
  11. JackArtist510

    Free Messy Marv

    even tho there are drugs in there, prison will get him to sober him up i think.. maybe he will drop some more dope shit again. the reason Chow Time and Elegant Project slapped is cuz he was fresh outta jail when he recorded those. after those he started rappin hella tired!
  12. JackArtist510


    foreal i wanna hear that unreleased C-Bo album
  13. JackArtist510

    Mac Dre Song Question?

    yeah i think it's actually called "Hyphy Like" on 3 C's Game Plan. For some reason alot of those songs on his "Best Of" album have the wrong song titles