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    so who got the best homeboy album this year?

    what shit is straight classic or close to it?
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    Why the sav it out camp don't drop music video's?

    i see every underground folks drop mad videos but i never really see tone or the sav it out camp with any is there a reason why?
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    Who is the best producer in homeboy rap?

    who makes the best beats?
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    Killer Mike is a Scrap?

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    Who is the best story telling homeboy rapper?

    i don't hear to many homeboys telling stories most just a bunch of wack ass typical rhymes and played out punches but my question is who are some of the top story teller's?
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    I'm saying which norteno rapper can make it mainstream

    if u had to sign a norteno rapper to a mainstream lable who would u sign?
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    How much records do the homeboy rappers sell?

    question for the rapper's that promote there stuff here how much units u push per album?
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    The Official Fight Video's thread

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    what b dawg song is this ?

    i thought it was on scarz n stripes he goes something like in the eastbay where niggas will hit u up and hit the freeway i
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    Megan or Davina

    Who Sings Better and is better on features?
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    Top 5 Northern Expozure Beats

    What are some of the best beats on the northern expozure comp pick your top 5 that you thought were ill.
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    What are your thoughts on SAV IT OUT VOL 2?

    CD is on the right direction picking up where northern expozure 7 left off imo and the homie serio killed the track rest of my life homie has spits and looking for more tracks from duke, what' s everyone's review on this album?
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    Northern Cali Bay Area Rap Forum ?

    It seems like everyone has a forum but all i see is 1 section for the homeboys to post Im trying 2 start a site for all of northern cali with unlimited shit and freedom with no gay rules if homeboys wanna get in on it or got any ideas on shit they would like to see post shit up