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    manny from sobrante

    this CD slap y'all seen it where I can cope one? i got a burnt copy but want a real CD

    Berner Sits Down With Damon Campbell Speaks About & Dutch

    got this from hemp center yesterday fire had me high like I dabbed Strong roots keep you grounded

    Hogg hitters

    I been pushing these for awhile got the jug for the Sicc brehs Strong roots keep you grounded

    Fruitvale station

    when they showing it again?

    Fruitvale station

    my bad if this is a repost but I aint seen a thread about it this shit looks dope hope they got a lot of bay area artist on the soundtrack to keep it authentic

    Berner gets interviewed by Snoop Dogg

    @reo I hear you too but Nor Cal definately has the best weed with so cal at number 2 , when I use to be out there more they were always jocking my bag like damn this shit here indoor or outdoor the best weed is up north. And I fuck with cookies but for myself I fuck with it all cuz I build up a...

    Berner gets interviewed by Snoop Dogg

    And @Walkin I hear you I still grow GDP and cookies to tho cuz that's what most patients want , but I love me some good grape makes anywhere smell better Strong roots keep you grounded

    ? for the internet savy

    I think comcast is blockin rapidgator for my downloads cuz the page wont load unless I use a proxy ,is there anyway to unblock it? I tried sand already????

    65 Impala update 7-11-12

    man my whip been done for a couple months but been busy this is how out came out once I got my white guts in

    MTV Spring Break with Freddie Hott Sauce , AP.9 & Team Why Hate? (Las Vegas)

    dope vid , @Hott Sauce what does your stomach tattoo mean to you?

    Lavish D a fool for this (Livewire Diss flyer)

    man I'm on my iPhone so I cant post the pic but somebody post there email and I will send the flyer pic ASAP I just seen my lil homies in the hood and they said Lavish D passing out these flyers everywhere

    65 Impala restore update

    65 Impala restore update (UPDATE ON MY UPDATE) man I dont know how to post you tube vids but heres the link this is from last month fresh out the paint shop I got a newer vid of my first test drive before I dropped it off to get interior I'll post later tonite MY SIG GOT THE LATEST VIDEO...

    Where sites can I stream UFC tonite?

    Help me out brehs

    startin my old school project

    so now that my hoggs right I'm already going hard on my 65 Impala just tore it down and had all rust removed and made it all metal 327 motor tore down hot tank bore and hone block out resurfaced cam bearings grind crank all that be ready for paint this friday new top ordered so bought 2 weeks...

    so I finally got my harley lookin how I want it

    In another thread I posted how I was flipping my HOGG the first pic is how I had before I decided it was to flashy so I sprayed the lower half to break it up now I'm diggin it gives it more of classic look and now im ready to start my old school project see my next thread.