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    Who I Am Ft Cozmo - Dobad

    "Who I Am" - Dobad Featuring and produced by Cozmo FB: IG: Dobad415 Twitter: Dobad415
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    New Single Dobad - Countified

    New Single Dobad - Countyfied :dead: Shoot back some feed back FAM. Much love from Dobad, Giz's and Co-Defendants :dead:
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    Ways good folks?

    Been some years since I stepped in the East CoCo forum. Got locked out my old profile. But we back and still making music with the Familia. Enjoy. - Listen to Who I Am (ft. Cozmo) by Dobad
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    Been a minute but we back in it.

    What's good my BART board addicts? I ain't been around for a few years. Got Locked out of my old account. Some of y'all might remember me (Gizmo aka Joey Pistols) n Dobad from SCR Solitary Confinement Records. We are working on new projects so well be around a lot more. Just gonna leave this...
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    Are Catholics the same as Christians?

    I thought this should have its own thread. I didnt want to clog the "real" debate on the Popes thoughts on Condom use in the other thread. I can't really see how the two are the same. I mean there are so many different Denominations but They all teach the basics of the ten commandments and use...
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    Hip-hop history "Thirty years of hip-hop in the River City)

    Whole story at By Josh Fernandez [email protected] Arco Arena is packed. In the parking lot, a group of young black men, maybe in their late 20s, wearing colorful basketball jerseys, do-rags and baggy jeans, walks toward the security...
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    Hip-hop history (SN&R)

    Thirty years of hip-hop in the River City Anybody else read this piece?
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    Sacramento finally approved for "Stimulus" money!

    Well the Feds have took Kevin Johnson off the "do Not Recieve" list and now Sacramento can get it's shaw of free money.
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    Back in this Piece.

    Man I been absent from this mutha effin board but I am returning to this place to give my insight in life online and outside the PC/MAC world. Cougar Life Beyatch!
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    EDJ... a question.....?

    SO you dont claim White nor spanish nor black. What are you claiming? Why be ashamed of what you are? Are your Parents ashamed of you or are you ashamed of them? So what is it that makes you who you are? I am what I am, I will never be ashamed of what blood runs in me. What has a spanish man...
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    Is The Ghetto Being Sold To Suburbia?

    Is The Ghetto Being Sold To Suburbia? More often than not, nowadays you will see a piece of the Ghetto in the Suburbs. From Clothing to Music to Slang it gets embedded from what kids see as cool. The underlying appeal is why Scarface is hip-hop's Rosetta stone. Why kids play cops and robbers...
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    This was written by Ruben Salazar the year of his Murder, Feb. 6, 1970. WHO IS A CHICANO? AND WHAT IS IT THE CHICANOS WANT? A Chicano is a Mexican-American with a non-Anglo image of himself. He resents being told Colimbus "discovered" America when the Chicano's ancestors, the mayans and the...
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    35TH ANNIVERSARY OF THE CHICANO MORATORIUM! Chicano/Mexican Self-Determination

    35TH ANNIVERSARY OF THE CHICANO MORATORIUM! Chicano/Mexican Self-Determination August 29th will mark the 35th anniversary of the Chicano Moratorium. Yes, thirty-five years ago over 20,000 people from all over the country united in East L.A. to demand justice. Some of the organizations present...
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    Solitary 1: S-Class Music Cover

    Cover is done. Now let us know what you think about it. Music is almost all wrapped up. Stay tuned for more info. Not only is this my Cougar but this is my Cousin too. Support True music. Done by Ant @ Essqubed Media
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    TO ALL ANIMATORS ~~ Independent Animation Channel News!!!!!!

    We are doing away with Submission Prices.....Say Goodbye. Submit for free and Guaranteed to get played. Electronic submissions are coming soon. We apologize for the delay, we are still developing the new website complete with Blogs, a better media player method...