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  1. Ghost Dance

    1mob #2 "intro" (video)

  2. Ghost Dance

    the execution of x raided

    ambum is dope as fuck...much growth, concept is hard, beats fit the album nice and X spitting over every track #copp
  3. Ghost Dance

    X-Raided Talks Mozzy No Jumper Interview And Sacramento Street Politics

    exactly what I said I thought mozzy was saying with the "funk" X saw it the same was searching for a reason imo..and he got what he asked for
  4. Ghost Dance

    Mozzy ft. Ty Dolla $ign, YG - Thugz Mansion (Official Video)

    hook was dope song was just average to me though..nothing special but I could see what hes trying to do with this track just not really my flavor
  5. Ghost Dance

    Lynch new single "I see dead rappers"

    smh not feelings this sounds like more of the same serial killer theme I was hoping he left behind him...not feeling lynch no more I'll check the album when it drops but i think he don't got it no more..and hasn't for awhile imo
  6. Ghost Dance

    lil dallas "flakz city"

    track they did for the lil bro...
  7. Ghost Dance

    Cash money lavish Donald Oliver

    his old shit way better
  8. Ghost Dance

    l finguz snitchin?

    June posted some paper work on him...looks like finguz might have ratted back in the day...not good for the sac music scene.
  9. Ghost Dance

    Arrests Made RE: Murder at C BO Video Shoot

    these are 2 of the 3 locked up for the shooting
  10. Ghost Dance

    Cash money lavish Donald Oliver

    naw sleepwalking did more numbers in 4.months than every song lav has on YouTube combined...not even competition at this point lol