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    Cash Money Lavish D ▪ Donald Oliver, Prince Dreda & Bank'd ENT.

    i still dont understand Sac gang politics...shit is confusing as a muthafuck. Thought Lav was BAY/Starz, turns out he is a blood? the fuck man.
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    Seahawks News Thread

    So youre argument is he isnt even in the top 5, ergo he sucks...even at 8th in the league. Wow. You really got me there. How on earth could i have been so wrong? I mean..only 8th??????? What A FUCKIN LOSER. THAT INCEL SONOFABITCH I FUCKIN KILL HIM *insert eye roll emoji here You been holdin...
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    Last Of The Floheakinz || Official T-Nutty Thread

    For someone who say "FUK THE gAME", you sure do care alot.
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    How old is Awax?

    more like 36
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    Eminem got Ether'd

    Thats the difference between MGK and Eminem...Em could write a diss track in an hour and devour your entire career. He is like raps' Silver Surfer. MGK meanwhile has to "save up stuff for many years" for a response.
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    Last Of The Floheakinz || Official T-Nutty Thread

    Luni voice annoying as fuck now
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    Jim Jones ft Mozzy " Banging"

    Daaaaaaaaaaamn PISqB6XdULc
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    Bueno Thread

    This album surprised me...shit was on point
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    LIZK Official Thread

    zk stan for Zilla Killa? Ive seen other rappers with that...SubTae uses it too
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    Crazy Days And Nights

    Anyone read this blog? Its run by a Hollywood lawyer that is very well connected. It started off as a "story-time" of people he has encountered and dealt with though his lifetime, to basically a real time "whats going on behind the scenes in Hollywood" blog. This isnt gossip, this is shit we...
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    So we gonna talk about #QAnon or nah

    Surprised this hasnt been discussed yet.. This is a loose synopsis of what its all about, but didnt feel like putting too much up: Qanon: The Storm is Coming, The Great Awakening & Follow the White Rabbit - Skeptic Review Also, people believe that the OG Q has left and a new Q has come in and...
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    Mummy 500

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    Last Of The Floheakinz || Official T-Nutty Thread

    "the first thing id do is paint the whitehouse black...probably turn it to a trap"
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    Last Of The Floheakinz || Official T-Nutty Thread

    So the first thing Nutty would do is turn the whitehouse into a traphouse? Yeah, thats the way to progress.
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    Netflix' Flint Town

    Who started watching this? Finished the first episode, and i really like it thus far.