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    Black Lives Matter??? To who?

    Given that we have an outside count/context for the stats though we can examine your original point again. If the 4 year total of 4,472 black on black homicides is accurate and the average from that (~1,118) is accurate, the actual annual ratio of black on black killings vs police killings of...
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    Black Lives Matter??? To who?

    Here's another source that puts the total count of people killed by the police last year around 300 people higher than the Washington Post's count: The Counted: people killed by police in the United States – interactive | US news | The Guardian According to them, 306 black people were...
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    Black Lives Matter??? To who?

    You claim that the average number of black people killed by police each year is ~114 and you're comparing that 1 year average to a 4 year set of data to reach your 40:1 bullshit. In case you forgot what you typed: And I'll say it again, where did you get ~114 from? The last three years have...
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    Black Lives Matter??? To who?

    It obviously is your stance or you wouldn't have cited the same bullshit again in yet another post to make the same bogus point: Your comparison is bogus, comparing a 4 year set of data to a 1 year set of data that you've failed to even cite a source for is lazy posting on your part and...
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    This song is dedicated to OSCAR GRANT and all my brothas unjustly killed by police @Face-Me @Young Lou @BAY AREA WCM @regimeforlife @rickyL @Mr G @:ab: @Gas One
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    Black Lives Matter??? To who?

    His numbers are bullshit anyway bruh, let him be ignorant.
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    Black Lives Matter??? To who?

    You're not even keeping the "facts" in your own post straight lol, you compared a 4 year homicide total to a 1 year total of police-committed homicides against blacks which is not remotely linear year-to-year either. Police have killed nearly 200 black people up through July of this year alone...
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    Black Lives Matter??? To who?

    Exactly this shit ain't nothing new, tryna say it's a public image problem is ignorant. Was it a public image problem in the West Coast when they started killing us the moment we migrated from the South in the 40's and 50's? @NoJive Do you got any idea at all why the Black Panthers were...
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    Black Lives Matter??? To who?

    Real talk
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    Clyde Carson Thread

    Ima check them out tonight
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    NEW AGE MOBB SHIT - NoDotWon "The Alamo" (prod. SF Traxx) My 1st LP dropping very soon, if you fuckin with this let me know!
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    KMEL Home Turf 7/20 (Vote)

    Home Turf Week 7/20 | Home Turf | KMEL-FM Click on the 1st link to vote for KMEL to spin one of those 3 songs on the radio. The 3rd one slap, my nigga @A.R.(H2) got one
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    b - legit dj fresh tonite show

    @shabangstaff Wassup with the Ezale tonite show?
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    NoDotWon "Boom" (SLAP) Got another one lol, this is off of my upcoming album.