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    One mo' gin hatalotti

    Askari x cd was called the return of Rickey Murdoch about 5 years ago far as the new sac city luni Coleone cd it has a picture of him in a blue rag with a gun in his lap
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    One mo' gin hatalotti

    They on iTunes and YouTube
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    Top 5 Bay area rap producers g.o.a.t.

    5 dj Darryl 4 studio ton 3 tone Capone 2 JT the bigga figga 1 Sam Bostic
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    Which cd would you rather have

    Spice 1 187 he wrote or America's nightmare????? Fucking STR 8 tie no, thoughts?
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    One mo' gin hatalotti

    Top 5 Bay area rap cuts in the last few years Askari x mechanical planning Luni Coleone sac shit cd Figg Panama waking up my people/agerman spittle Luni Coleone post mortem cd San Quinn kill me or let me live
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    why cant I throw up pics

    why cant I throw up pics
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    1995-------me in 2017 not figg but the hustle must continue

    I mluv to 206-to the 415 to the 510-916 pitts cali ….su side 707 s.rosa….Fairfield keep putting thoughts on a padna who don't wanna burn or stick you do it like julio and sen black n brown
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    eleven five and rightfull place amonst heavy hitters in bay rap[94 2003]

    neva liked henn……………...t-gunna 1 point had tighter raps [not sales wise ] then bo,40,age, a lotta heavy hitters yet go peep after the drama 12 sumethin years later still ferocious …….on the block,2-4-1 smoke signal block buster pretty heated tracks fo the final full cd....they got with gabe 1...
  9. F' real padna if you had 5 rappers and 2 producers to start a label

    it was a real simple exercise fo' a bay fan then and now …. say 3 mics and 2 producers in your best case scenario luni coleone playa p keak d-moe/knutty from mobbhouse on a fe hooks I go cheaper beats wise cause with luni[hard,likeable] playa p.....eddy street aint no place like hom...
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    Post all your favorite Bay Area Websites here

    errrreaaha playa tymer padna after 11-14 years and a collection[just on the initial a-1 yola] that was approaching say 15oo-1750....poof gone ohhhh by the way the seatownking 4 cds deep had his own show hustlin97-2002 bay magic at my height I had 2,000...I told this a.paulsen bout ac's illmatik...
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    have you heard the 2012 celly,c-bo,wc cut

    it almost sounds like bay still alive fairly decent effort shit wc like 85 years old still talkin"yeah neah...diing ..feah" haha anywhy i was vaugely impressed by it anyone heard this new joint?
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    powers back in this bitch/batch/bootch...hey mac shawn be str8 on fire..hurtin

    hear that cut with black c? dope its on you tube i dont care bout' j-diggs rat disses or mr dawsons simple flow...cause guy mac shawn iz 1 entertaining rapper lyrics 5 outta 10 flow 9 outta ten hooks 8 outta ten style 9 outta ten voice 10 outta 10 i was talkin to one of his...
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    i bet u thought/hoped...i was gone ...but this iz to people 30 years old and

    plain and simple disses...just your true pick im talkin to people who where there in 95-98..buying bay slump/cds do not start with rappers/20 year old kids really..that are big now..thats dumb i had my own bay rap show doing like 50 cds release parties..breaking artists in...
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    ay 'yo where are my got any info on..

    i know you guys only love mess and mob figgaz but me im steady wondering where are these guys . all of these guys are some of my all time favs steve dee? str6 talented producer bring it hard or mellow...any word? he isnt even on goggle potent c///str8 great rhymer///info ? i saw him on...