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    Awax or Joe Blow

    No competition as far as music goes to me, A-Wax is in a league of his own.

    New A-Wax album Demonz N My Bleep drops 12/10

    Agree it keeps getting better with every spin.

    Ap-9 last 3 albums

    I liked some of his stuff but AP9 carries himself like a complete attention deficit disorder having lame and stinks of a compulsive liar. I cannot listen to anything of his anymore.

    New A-Wax album Demonz N My Bleep drops 12/10

    I'm bumping this now, it's already the 10th this part of the world. As expected - another classic, every track slaps. A-Wax is a real maestro.

    Lil Pete & drakeo the ruler

    Lil Pete is the most boring rapper in the world to me. Dude puts me to sleep, I don’t see the appeal of anyone listening this.

    AWax new album

    Man I’m pumped for that album I just wish he’s drop it finally .

    Philthy Rich – Cancun (Official Video)

    Wow, I will put this one when I’m suffering from insomnia, Jesus Philthy really knows how to put me to sleep sometimes. I can’t think of a a more boring song in years.

    New A-Wax album Demonz N My Bleep drops 12/10

    I’m not a fan of any A-Wax material pre: Everybody Loves Me 1, massive fan of everything post that. I feel Pulling Strings was his magnum opus too but I really feel his music improved even further post his nonstop production era. In fact, Pushin Keyz to me was his worst album since ELM1 and...

    Mess - Elegant Project Murdah

    Agree completely, straight trash.
  10. FILA|AUS

    Hooli Auto x Ally Bo ‼️ COMING SOON ‼️🔥🔥🔥🔥

    Nah it’s not hate it’s fact, he sucks ass. That Spice one album was unlistenable because of him.
  11. FILA|AUS


    I played that Hyena album (skipped through) and that was just straight trash to me. He sounds like someone dragging nails on a chalkboard with the most boring lyrics. You’re totally entitled to your opinion though.
  12. FILA|AUS

    Spice 1 and Hooli Auto have a new album out‼️

    I played the first song on my phone and my girlfriend who was in the other room complained that it sounds terrible and to please change it. I agree with her, complete trash, dude cannot rap at all.
  13. FILA|AUS

    Philthy Rich - Big 59 (album stream)

    Albums trash.
  14. FILA|AUS

    Street Knowledge - Ice Cold Mack (Album Stream)

    Good shit I didnt even realise he had something new out.
  15. FILA|AUS

    A-Wax - Call It What You Want (Husalah & Joe Blow Diss) [Music Video]

    Hahhaahahahahahahha you’re completely fucking right, I would have never seen that. Man I laughed my arse off when you wrote that and it hit me !!