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    A-Wax - Call It What You Want (Husalah & Joe Blow Diss) [Music Video]

    Hahhaahahahahahahha you’re completely fucking right, I would have never seen that. Man I laughed my arse off when you wrote that and it hit me !!

    Lil Blood - I'm Mobbin' (Official Video)

    I have never heard a single song worth listening to from Lil Blood, not even a feature on someone else’s that wasn’t ruined or dragged down by the verse of Lil Blood. Can someone point me in a direction on one or two really good songs of his to prove me wrong?

    What's your opinion on ALLBLACK?

    First two albums slapped HARD, I really enjoyed them both. His recent stuff is weird though, I’m losing interest.

    A-Wax Foreign Exchange (Music Video)

    Crazy slap

    Who did it better?

    I have nothing to contribute but just wanted to thank everyone who did and say awesome thread brehs.

    Cousin Fik - Explode

    Whole album goes, as usual with Cousik Fik.

    Anxiety / Depression

    He was referring to his accidental notoriety as a result of his stance on mandatory use of gender pronouns. I disagree with you completely but I respect your point of view, it's fine. Let's not hijack the guy's thread.

    Anxiety / Depression


    Anxiety / Depression

    Hey bro, Sorry to hear you're experiencing this. I've never experienced either and used to think anxiety and depression are made up by people who have nothing better to do or going on in their life until both got a severe hold of me last year at the age of 34. I still haven't found a solution...
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    mIRC was my favourite, it was like some secret society of the internet cool guys. And you could find ANYTHING you wanted on there.
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    Promoting the Bay in local Polish radio

    Cool story bro
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    A-Wax - Sympathize

    Super slap
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    Philthy Rich x CML - Fuck Yo Politics (video)

    Album is trash period. I was a massive fan of Lav before he went to jail but he didn't live up to his potential.
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    Philthy vs. Mozzy official now.

    Lavish D talked about killing Philthy's son in Mac Blast "put Lil Phil on a landmine" and dissed his dead family. Nothing in this world could excuse that to me personally, so Philthy has lost this as a man based on actions before any disses were dropped. As a fan of the music though: Chill...