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    The Book of Ecay coming soon

    early 2012
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    Female rappers in Dago

    Any hot female rappers reppin tha town?
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    Young Dago Rappers

    Who yall think is the hottest young rap nigga in Dago I'm talkin 22 & under on this.
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    Can somebody pm me his hook up or something?? Let him know I wanna holla r something... thanx a million
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    Where's DAMU?

    Tell em I need 2 holla @him. If u got my math, give it 2 him 4 me. 1
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    Peep My Video

    Take a look at my video. This song is off my "Tha Best Thus Far" album available here & here's the link 2 the video <object width="425" height="350"><param name="movie" value=""></param><embed...
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    My 1st time

    This (Static Lounge 4/19) was my 1st partyin @home in almost 2 years & I just wanna thank EVERYBODY that came out that night. Yall was givin me just as much as I was givin u, & being @home, seein my folx, doin a show 4 yall that knew me when I was walkin... That's the best show I could ever do...
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    add me on my space & stay tuned 4 my 06 releases... CALIFORNIA IS BACK!!!
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    Ecay Uno on myspace

    yall come check me [email protected] & come interact, leave comments, listen 2 some good music &vibe witcha boy
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    I know I been kinda quiet 4 a minute but, I stay workin. I got some good listening 4 us in '06. I'm ready 2 grow up with yall, not blow up on yall. peace oh yeah. I got a few samples up at http// I'm still workin on the page but go check me out.
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    More appetizers 4 early '06
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    Get ready 4 me in '06
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    Best Ecay Uno Song

    4 those of yall who have heard the records I put out, I wanna know what r some of yall's favorite songs?
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    ECay Uno

    I aint been postin 4 a long time, but I'm back on the SICCNESS. MUCH LOVE 2 ALL YALL WHO BEEN HOLDIN ME DOWN, cuz I HAVE been readin this muthafucka. I'm working on a new project (just startin) & I'm showin love 2 EVERYBODY who been showin me love. 2 the niggas hatin, u know I'll shut u down wit...
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    Good Lookin 4 Supportin

    I been readin the posts & comments & I just wanted 2 give yall a big thanx 4 supportin my music. I put my all into Mental Scars & I'm glad 2 c that yall feel it was worth the wait. I also got some new projects that I'mma drop off early 04 & summer 04. Thanx 4 the support & keep ur ears open 4...