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    A Wax-Envisioned

    I was just wondering if it was anybody he put on any of his songs/albums.
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    A Wax-Envisioned

    Anybody know who he was talking about that stole his shoes? and who was he talking about giving them a place to record and not taking the gun charge?
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    Trife Gang Rich Ft. A-Wax - John Wick

    Fuckin with all them opioids, Percs and xans and shit. A lot of fake pressed shit out there too. Maybe even hop. Probably passed out and never woke up.
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    Trife Gang Rich Ft. A-Wax - John Wick

    That was my first guess bro wasn’t looking too good
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    What's up with lil toro

    He’s a clown. He plays “El Capitan” in the Netflix series “DOPE”. He drives around in an RV selling powder lol fake ass show. It’s season 1 episode 1
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    Lazy-Boy Official Thread

    He had a video on world star a while back, and the comments about the big L on his forehead were hilarious.
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    A-Wax - Unapologetic

    Is wax with illburn? Or does he still have some contract demands to meet? I’ve noticed a few of his new releases are published by illburn.
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    A Wax - Dinner Plate

    Another dope cut. I don’t hear what y’all hearing, sound good to me 🤷🏻‍♂️
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    Free A-Wax!!

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    Free A-Wax!!

    😂 orale. Those was some bars from Dutch tho, idk if u recognize em or not?
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    Free A-Wax!!

    I’m off a bottle of cazadores tequila, mind gone swervin thru traffic felonies and misdemeanors.
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    Free A-Wax!!

    Nice. I’m hoping this joint is on one of these releases. Been waiting for this one since he put this snip out. 🔥 catch a drain from the dope!
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    Free A-Wax!!

    According to wax IG, looks like him and nonstop are cool again. Hopefully they get back to working together.
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    FFSC- The Funky Fresh Sex Crew

    This was a cool ass album. Met these dudes at an a’s game around the time they dropped this. Went out and bought it the next day.