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    He only sold to a select few if I remember correctly and you could only hit him on AIM lol
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    That dude skeelo415 has been missing since like 2001 like when muthafuckas still used AOL... I got some albums from him back in the early 2000's his collection was fuckin impressive
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    GAME INSANE! Looking for T1

    Oh shit OG Game Insane..... Untwined Mind was still one of the hardest tracks
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    Crazie locs joins surteños 14 gang calling out slobs

    Yeah... There ain't no comin back from sucking your own dick.... Niggas done came back from life sentences, murder trials, hell, rappers even came back from snitching on paperwork.... Ain't no comin back from slurping ya own noodle dude...
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    Crazie locs joins surteños 14 gang calling out slobs

    Y'all woke up a beast lol
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    Who is really worthy of carrying the Torch in the BAY

    What's good homie... I just peeped out some track from tag Bay Peace albums and they were solid, good selection of features and you held ya own on those tracks... Glad to see you active on here my LSB homie... Stay solid, ya music is dope neffew
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    Woodie & Big Tone sketch

    That shit is dope... U got skills
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    David Verde x X-Raided x San Quinn – Price Tag

    Quinn and X getting paid....That's what I like to see! Both of them cats is worth they price tag...
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    X-Raided ft Manjaroe - "Make A Change"

    These fuckin kids ain't shit
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    Awax 20+ years still doing good

    Ain't you just a super thug... setting the guidelines and rules for real G'z from behind your keyboard huh? Calling all the shots and issuing DP's for violators... Can't wait to see you hop out on Wax in traffic and set him straight regarding the rules of the game...
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    This nigga was practicing his booking photo face all morning lol Damn
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    refresher tutorial on mirc

    Welcome to 1999....... Lol