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    hey do know you replied to a decade old thread with your stupid fuckin ad-bot?
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    Cougnut album?? Anyone??

    dont we hear this like once every 5 years....? somebody picks it up and starts workin on it and then we dont hear shit for years until the next announcement that someone else is handlin it if anyone knows...its Gabe arent most of the tracks already leaked onto Youtube? or is that just other...
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    Philthy vs. Mozzy official now.

    dude seemed coked out durin his thizzler interview...talkin bout a whole lotta nothin lol
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    Messy Marv Cluck Interview (Video)

    that man is battling demons
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    Wtf is wrong with Frisco?

    yall seen the video of Mess panhandlin in Richmond at Food Co in Richmond? holding up $6 talkin bout "CashLord Mess" look like he been smokin for a few weeks straight...damn shame certified crackhead
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    Pathetic weesle worms takin credit for my work

    thats some sucka shit for real
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    how come aint nobody sayin shit? Lil Marvaless killed that track....this is solid! another generation of female greatness in the rap game
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    the execution of x raided

    youve gone from just making comments and speaking an opinion to just hating on a there anyone you are directly attached to that is doing time or has been affected because of this alledged and misinformed bullshit that you continue to spew from your cock holster? grow the fuck...
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    Hate on x raided

    thats a narrow minded way of thinking and straight up disrespectful the the OG....dont you think plenty of OG cats woulda called him out on it....? and whats wrong with a nigga givin up the thug life in order to make a positive change and not spend the rest of his life in prison preachin...
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    Hate on x raided

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    RENO PART TWO Lucci x M.Kada x Homewrecka (messy marv diss)

    mess done lost a lot of street cred....this mozzy deal is gonna be his last 15 minutes...yeah we got year of good music until the reality of marv actions were exposed.. smh
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    Menendez Brother Helped Spring Famous Rapper X-Raided From Prison By Penning Supportive Letter to Parole Board

    who the fuck edited that article? #fail "In the letter, Menendez claimed X-Raided is a “model of redemption and personal growth,” while letting go of the mistakes of his past. Menendez also claimed the rapper was a “model of redemption and personal growth" The letter apparently had an...
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    Joe Blow - Bridge The Gap [Album Stream]

    i used to bump joe blow all the time....dude has some knocks and his flow is dope. But when he rappun about killin shit...always packin a 30 round banger, rockin 100k in jewely and drivin nothin but foreign whips...then seeing him pushin a ford fusion and a packin a pocket knife i dont know if i...
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    X-Raided: Return to The Siccness (Exclusive Interview)

    yall focusing on all the wrong shit....smh