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    Spread tha Knewz

    Just another shot out to all the people in the 206 and all tha homiez that are still down doing there thing, so psot me up and kepp me posted on shit, The Va is down like syndrome so keep up the work
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    Whas goin up????

    :confused: jus wanna say what up to the family up north!
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    back in the heezzy

    yo just wanna give a shot out to all my hommiez in Seattle and the homeboy vicious in the 506 what up man , just given a shot out thas all pieace
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    Where are the homiez at?

    All the homiez need to halla at me and let me know whats up and keep me posted on release dates and shit. I feel lonley in P-town.
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    Whatz crakin peepz

    yo just wanna halla at my homies in the 206 naamean Mo-X lil-G and pian and the homie Y.V halla at me on the board. I moved away to the 360 in P-town so halla and keep me posted on the shit thats is going on which yall aight.
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    Y.V hit me up gee its Darreezzy!!...........

    what up pimpin hey dud hit me up some time and let me know what is goin on and how your album is coming and let me know when you are going to drop that shit homie cuz I want to cop it as soon as it is ready homie alrigh then peace fro know see yeah on the board cuz....... __________________...
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    "Angry souls" at last....

    Oh shit, this album realy is something let me tel yah foos dise, on the real, Mo-x And Lil G got this album on lock and it needs to be bought so if you aint got it then you aint popin it then. A cd like this needs to be played and heard nation wide in the 206 and the 360 and the 425's and...
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    on luv

    the homie ryan on the mo-x and lil G album along wid half sane fa show I cant wait to get that album, and here the fire on the one boy. and to Yv when is your album coming cuz.
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    Yv is droppin hits yall cant handle, so be on the look out for him
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    yo what up representing seattle up in here yo peep this the new mo-x is is gunna be sick so cop it it when it comes out