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    Fixing up the impala!!!

    It seemed like it was kids. My ex lived in a big apartment complex but there was almost no visitor parking. I had to park like a block and a half away. I came out the next morning and saw that it happened. The shoe print I saw looked like a size 7 or something like that. So either some little...
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    American psycho?

    It's a strange movie and story. What the movie really seems like it was meant to be, was a social commentary of the times. Bale crushed that performance and some of the silliness dilutes the message or point of the film IMO. I think it's a great movie in terms of what it was trying to...
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    Master P Releases Trailer for “King Of The South” Biopic

    He always claimed the south as well. Said stuff like "Down South, West Coast, nigga I got 2 sides." He was reppin the south and west on Ice Cream Man and had already put out the Down South Hustlaz double CD with damn near every notable act in the south at that time, including a ton of...
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    Norte/Sur truce?

    I watched American Me and BIBO several times lately and wondered if this would ever happen someday. Mexicans would be unstoppable in the California prisons and that would dramatically change how stuff was run in the streets. I doubt it ever really happens though. Too much hatred.
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    Life in the Pen for a Black Sureno - Prison Talk 18.1

    Even seeing the dude, it’s hard to not picture him looking like Popeye from blood in blood out
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    Jordan Peele’s ‘Us’ trailer

    Allegedly Hitchcock drew inspiration from Santa Cruz up through Bodega Bay. It’s always cool to see stuff filmed around SC. Movie looks good. I’m curious to see how he pulls off the twilight zone reboot.
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    Blood in Blood out (bound by honor) vs. American Me.

    Lol that’s pretty much what I would have expected. I never saw any of the Darkroom Familia movies but trying to watch them now would probably be pretty difficult
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    Blood in Blood out (bound by honor) vs. American Me.

    I saw that the other day on IMDB. Ever watch any of them all the way through?
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    Blood in Blood out (bound by honor) vs. American Me.

    I'm rarely on this site anymore but this question was stuck in my mind. I was always a fan of American Me and thought it was better than BIBO for the reasons I said before. I've watched BIBO like 5 times since and it is still really corny in parts, especially Miklo., but I think overall it's...
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    Ban @Coach E. No
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    Freedom Town: Aesthetic and Recreational Lawn Alternative

    Only SNL skit that's made me laugh that I can remember in years
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    Freedom Town: Aesthetic and Recreational Lawn Alternative

    Man, I had to go back and hear the bars for myself. Reppin Canada somethin serious.
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    Favorite Cologne

    Agreed. Allegedly women remember the scent of a dude after the first time they meet more than anything else. Never wanted to kill game over a cologne. I usually wear stuff that isn't very popular. Aqua do Gio or whatever it's called was the most popular one out there