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    Manning will be a Bronco

    You heard it here first.
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    Homeland...anyone watching this show

    What are your thoughts? I didn't anticipate watching it, but i caught the first episode and have been eagerly awaiting each new show. Didn't see an existing i apologize if there is one.
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    Master P's Impala on Ebay
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    cd values - help me out guys

    looking to post up some cds on ebay but really am not up on current values. I know shit is way down since back in the day. What do the following cds go for? I have tons more but i'll probably start with these should i decide to liquidate. all mint, all OGs Young D Boyz - Straight Game...
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    Dexter bitches!!

    The last season ended with the craziest season ending ever! New season starts Sunday!
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    5'1" Female Japanese baseball player signed to Minor League team
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    Movies you hated that everyone else seems to love...

    I'm gonna start it off. I'll get ripped for this one cause it seems to be a huge fav for alot of people. Fight Club I just thought it was stupid.
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    Shanahan FIRED!

    maybe the Raiders can have him back
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    Carmelo Anthony 33 pts in a qtr

    ties NBA record held by George Gervin
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    Julox - Catfish Shrip N French Fries

    This album is fire!
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    Carmelo Anthony to the Nets??

    NETS HAVE EYE ON ANTHONY By FRED KERBER Carmelo Anthony May 20, 2008 -- The NetsNew Jersey Nets want to do something, they need to do something and they will do something. The million dollar question is, What? They should start getting a better handle on matters after tonight's lottery...
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    Factory sealed/Hole in UPC? WTF? How the hell is something factory sealed with a hole through the UPC code?
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    This is fucking rediculous!!!!!

    WTF???? Just asking for MRSA!
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    need help identifying song....chorus in thread

    Anyone know this track/group/album? Sounds like it is midwest, but not sure. I think it is about 4-7 years old. Here's the chorus: Y'all ain't know we're out to get money Mo dough, cuz life ain't funny Going postal if you try to take it from me I'm loco, I need a meal in my tummy
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    Zaboo BKA Boozilla's 9:56 minute Documentry

    FFM is still my fav album outta Denver.