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    eBay - SEALED Death, 2Pac, Eazy, Triflin Pac, G-Lo, Ganksta Black, Original Man, Big Dog

    Hey! I have a few days left here on some great records and cassettes. All sealed. I'll have more coming in the next few weeks. Let me know if you have any questions.:) New Orleans Horrorcore Gangsta Holy Grail SEALED Death Possessed by the Ouija Board 1993...
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    More DOPE Mid-90s G-Funk/Gangsta Rap tapes listed on eBay! And 2Pac!

    A couple grails for Pac collectors. And some more golden era mid-90s g-funk/gangsta rap gems. Thanks for taking a look! staybent | eBay 2Pac - If My Homie Calls / Brenda's Got A Baby Maxi Single 92 Thug Life - Cradle to the Grave Single Triflin Pac - Triflin's Da Word 97 Atlanta...
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    G-Funk Tapes on eBay (Da Folks, Red Money, Triflin Pac, Jezreel and more)

    Hey guys, I've got some dope tapes I've pulled from storage and listed on eBay. With more to come. staybent | eBay All are SEALED. No Bootlegs or Fakes. Realer than Real Deal Holyfield. Da Folks - Oakland Soldiers **SOLD** Red Money - II Much Red **SOLD** Triflin Pac - Triflin's Da Word...
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    Jus Real "A Black Man's Pain" 1998 TN

    Hey, I'm not on message boards often, but this is probably the only place to post this and get some feedback. Released in 1998 out of Tennessee. I can't dig up any info on this album, or this dude, outside of his release "Tha Truth" a couple years ago. I'm assuming this was his first release and...