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    What happen to husalah

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    What happen to husalah

    I don't personally know but my guess is he proly grew up got older and realized takin care of family is more important than making music consistently which it seems the money is now made by doin shows rather than sales and idk if he doin shows but you really don't have to make new music in order...
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    rip the legendary shock g

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    Guce out of prison

    That's a crazy story lol
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    AP9 Vs Roblo

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    AOne x The Jacka x Jadakiss x Bigg Lott - That's Life (p. CheezeOnDaSlap)

    Jack and Jadakiss combo is dope..koo story at the end from Jadakiss too
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    J Diggs x Lavish D x YSM Swole - On The Road

    This shit slap..I ain't really feelin the YSM Swole dude tho
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    A-Wax Allegedly (album) out July 3rd

    Solid album
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    Dubee aka SugaWolf - Never (Official Music Video)

    Clean. I'm surprised he ain't have Diggs on the new album
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    J Diggs - Stay At Home

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    J-Diggs - Game! (Music Video)