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  1. 28g w/o the bag

    Mixerr Reviews T-shirts

    Print one that says #gettingmypuzzleon and I may have to swoop one up ::
  2. 28g w/o the bag


    Fuck the democrat party I'm not a big trump guy, but obviously the orange man is our only hope for any kind of reversal of the bullshit in this country... but I won't keep my hopes up ::
  3. 28g w/o the bag

    Holy Fuck....

    oh coy! ::
  4. 28g w/o the bag

    Awax or Joe Blow

    Why? Is there anyone that takes blow seriously? ::
  5. 28g w/o the bag

    Awax or Joe Blow

    Wax is a better rapper, but blow put out better music ::
  6. 28g w/o the bag

    Awax 20+ years still doing good

    Offer to pay for shipping, breh. ::
  7. 28g w/o the bag

    unpopular opinions

    Hip hop was better when rappers were on trumps nuts ::
  8. 28g w/o the bag

    Zaggs New Myspace Pics! (SEMI NUDE)

    Tiddu's. ::
  9. 28g w/o the bag

    Free Messy Marv

    why mess look like PSD in that mugshot ::
  10. 28g w/o the bag

    Free Messy Marv

    muslim marv ::
  11. 28g w/o the bag

    E-40 feat. Jeremih, Rick Ross & Chris Brown – 1 Question [Video]

    This is one of those songs I wish 40 would yell BEEeEEEYAAAAAAAaaatch like it's 1998 all over again ::
  12. 28g w/o the bag


    Tulsi Oklahoma to whatever her name is, is the only real nicca in that entire panel filled with embarrassing candidates... too bad her policies are shit ::
  13. 28g w/o the bag

    Mess - Elegant Project Murdah

    it's like... i've been lied to my whole life.... damn ::
  14. 28g w/o the bag

    JT the BF vs. JDiggs

    the combined age of these 2 is like 92 years old or some shit smh ::
  15. 28g w/o the bag

    So who else is voting for Trump again ?

    i thought #yanggang was one of the only democrat candidates for president that haven't embarrased himself... up until he cried on stage about the victims of mass shooting... but you don't see one tear come out his eye sad times and i hate to say it fellas... and i know you all loved sara...