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  1. 28g w/o the bag

    JT the BF vs. JDiggs

    the combined age of these 2 is like 92 years old or some shit smh ::
  2. 28g w/o the bag

    So who else is voting for Trump again ?

    i thought #yanggang was one of the only democrat candidates for president that haven't embarrased himself... up until he cried on stage about the victims of mass shooting... but you don't see one tear come out his eye sad times and i hate to say it fellas... and i know you all loved sara...
  3. 28g w/o the bag

    unpopular opinions

    afroman is in the top 5 most underrated/overlooked rap artist of all time i DARE anybody to say that's a popular opinion muthafucka *stoned* ::
  4. 28g w/o the bag

    Anyone f%ck wit

    breh i been asking for the past year as to what happened to a1yola and all it's other regional sites that shit was comprehensive, my ninja i'm hella stoned off that hi-octane + trainwreck sugar though ::
  5. 28g w/o the bag

    So who else is voting for Trump again ?

    Kamala Harris is a stupid bitch ::
  6. 28g w/o the bag

    Epstein Pedo Ring Will Not be Exposed (Hit Out on Him Already)

    this is one of those cases where I 100% support snitching ::
  7. 28g w/o the bag

    Guce Instrumentals

    Thats one of the first Bay Area records I bought when I started collecting vinyl 20 Years ago ::
  8. 28g w/o the bag


    I was slapping niguz around a bit with large trouts on irc back in the day ::
  9. 28g w/o the bag

    Is San Francisco's rap scene ever going to come back?

    It's going to be hard if there's no black people left ::
  10. 28g w/o the bag

    Mac Dre and Lil Jon

    I'm Just happy that the radio in Vegas played this today ::
  11. 28g w/o the bag

    The Tonite Show With Rich The Factor

    it's about time ::
  12. 28g w/o the bag

    SHOBOAT x GAP Video Shoot

    i think he's from cleveland i know he be doing work with akron rappers that we're familiar with ::
  13. 28g w/o the bag

    Whar album put you onto bay rap?

    mc hammer, too short, digital underground, oaktowns 357 were the first artists i heard from out the bay area... i've more or less consistently listened to bay area rap since then, even though i'd be hard press to say that "bay area rap" as a scene existed back then ::
  14. 28g w/o the bag

    So who else is voting for Trump again ?

    That'll put an end to fatal car crashes ::
  15. 28g w/o the bag

    So who else is voting for Trump again ?

    You know... in the last election, I was hesitant to vote for rump... I had to keep telling myself that it's either him or pillary... but now, considering the actions of the democrat leadership in the past 2 years, I will vote for rump again, but now with full confidence And let me say this...