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I only get $750 a month. Is there we could work out something like I can give you a $100 a month? Still good money.
I don’t have a problem working and I always have a job without being fought.
When marina orozco said, “they’re letting people go and giving them severance packages,” she wasn’t talking about the Starbucks at 120 E. Ramona expressway, Perris California, 92571, the starbucks I work at.
The money has been sent. Thank you for being patient.
og MS
Ok no problem.. I have another myth cd.. and a group album he did with Krack called the Feast .. not sure if you already have them.or not
I got the money. Can I have your paypal? I can send in the note my address.
og MS
[email protected]

Send as friends and family so there's no fees.

Is there anything else on the list you are interested in?
alright then I will have my paypal ready and ill ask you your paypal the 27th. Thanks for the hook up, good albums.
deal 145 what is the shipping? I can do it the 27th if that is fine with you.
og MS
Add $20 for shipping... $165 shipped
$100? That was my offer are you expecting more? L
et me know.
og MS

8ball and Mjg comin out hard og $30
Syko sykotherapy $30
A-Wax presents Who Got it? $20
Myth Mythmaen Propheceez sealed $25
Coo coo cal still walkin $10
Young noble noble justice sealed $10
FU2 fresno uncensored 2 dvd and cd soundtrack sealed $20

$145 plus shipping