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you dont know me bro you been on the sicc for a lifetime i been around the world you wouldnt call me a jkat to my face
you a pussy
bro u a whole bitch send me your loacation please
you in concord huh? lmao ok whats your home address im not running a fade but ill put a bag on you dont drop your bitches location nobody tryna hit women or kids if you want smoke lets run it homie
WAZ UP THE STATE GONNA CHANGE AND BE ALL GOLD BUT NOT THEE GOLDEN STATE WARRIORZ WE MUST CHANGE AND RETURN OUR LINE UP BACK INSIDE TO THE ARENA, the Golden State I Have Is Steve Logan, Monta Ellis, Gilbert Arenas, Jason Richardson, Tim Hardaway, Mitch Richmond, Antwan Jamison, Chris Mullin, (probably) Andre Igludolua, Chris Webber, Vidlac, Glenn Robinson, (pry) Damian Jones, Mounet' Bol, & Mike Dunleavy, Troy Murphy