Zigg Zagg launches the brand new online music industry for musicians !

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May 26, 2013
The hottest development in history to ever hit the music scene and the internet! Zigg Zagg launches her social network/online music industry. All artists of all genres.. Producers, band and orchestra members, graphic designers, artists... Anyone who is in the music industry at all. Please join our new movement. This is a superstore of music services. If you are looking to feature someone on your new album or looking for a certain type of beat, sound or an album cover to be made, you need to come to Beatswarehouse... If you are looking to sell features, verses, appearances, beats, or any music services, you should join. Its free for a basic registration. We just launched and already have over 200 members. Build your own profile, upload a pic and songs or beats and make your money. We have our own online radio station that will keep your music in constant rotation and Let us promote you.. We have executives like Violet Brown and many other major label VIP's backing up this movement and helping promote so if your looking to break into the industry, this is perfect for you.
Build The Dream with Beatswarehouse at thebeatswarehouse.com

Zigg Zagg
Apr 4, 2006
Cool idea.... The only problem is that most artists can be found here on the siccenss and most charge between 200-500 for a feature if they have any name recognition.

This shit would have worked well 5-10 years ago.

Also, it's difficult to engineer a track when you're working with someone across the country (or whatever) and the only format that works for both artists is a .jgp file or wav file...

BTW, I thought "Hell In Auguzt was pretty tight."

Also, I think a Locc 2 Da Brain II" track would bump hard if you went back to Singletons beats...

- Swoop