yo man im new, but check out one of my tracks, "Bust Out Tha Sac"

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Apr 2, 2009
the quality is pretty bad it was made a while back and it was on tape but yeah check it out tell me what you think


"Bust Out Tha Sac"
bust out that sac and break them buds
lets roll a fat blunt

if ya tokin chronic i straight jack ya for a fucking hit
then i stab ya and smoke all yo fuckin shit
cause i dont give a fuck cause ima fuckin murderer
a demon set from hell to work for lucifer
so dont fuck wit me cause im a fuckin killa
if you dont smoke weed then fo sho i straight kill ya
shank ya through yo fuckin head with my fuckin shank
nigga if you wanna live smoke a bowl of this dank
straight up i kill niggaz who dont smoke reefer
i question you on the spot and if you dont then ill cap ya
cause nigga im a killa and i fuckin hate you fuckin punks
i straight chop yo head up and make yo head smoke a fat blunt
after each kill me my homie bust out that sac
take out the seeds and stems and smoke out in the back
cause im homie who likes to toke that dro weed
a nice a fat blunt is all i need

the other day i woke up and hit a fat blunt
got dress while i broke them stinky buds
take out the stems and seeds
cause i dont wont no fireworks in my weed
rolled myself a nice fat chak
and then bought another 20 sac
busted out sum juicy blunt wraps on the table
then started breakin that hydro
smoked a chron fatty roach and all
then i nailed my breakfast to the wall
i put on rubber boots just to make lemonade
then i get faded and pour it down the fucking drain
if this just doesnt seem to make sense
bitch dont make this a mother fucking tense
situation cause thats what it do were faded
and now just for prying bitch youll get wasted