X-raided speaks on psycho active 2

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Feb 8, 2003
let the dude from xorcist do some beats. x need old school BM beats like that again.
that album over 15 years ago equipment and itimes changed so dudes beats might not sound like those anymore.

if he wants trap beats get a actual trap producer to do few beats that holla at track bangaz they make tight trap beats for good prices. thatcway he can have a mixture.
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Props: Mixerr
Oct 4, 2013
Weird statement seeing that X has never once spit on a "mobb" track.

How are you not banned yet? We need less pedophiles on this site...fuck off.
lol @ liking sicx's music the equivalent of being a pedophile. I guess you shouldn't post on this site then since Sicx said siccness a bunch of times and lynch and people shouted them out on the newest cds. Since listening to Sicx is such a pedophile activity then listening to anything he was on is th same by association. get fucked faggot