X-Raided - California Dreamin (Album Stream)

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Nov 10, 2002
For a minute, lets take a look at things..

The allure of a man being able to record albums while serving out a lengthy prison sentence is over. X-Raided is an extremely talented individual. While we have enjoyed his classic material that he recorded during his most difficult moments, he has moved on, and so has the time. This is a man who has spent what? 26 years in prison, basically since he was a teenager. He is now in his mid 40's I assume..

You can't expect the same type of material to come out in 2019. While he still makes reference to his life behind bars, I can tell you that he's not trying to stay in that dark place. 1. People grow 2. It's not healthy. 3. I'm sure he is experimenting with various styles, flow patterns, and beats, now that he has a legit recording studio and resources. Not to mention, turning over a new leaf, which is most important. I have a feeling that many of the people wanting X to return to his pre-freedom days, don't fully grasp this.

This is not to say anything bad about anyone, but the world has drastically changed since the 90's. To focus on, and project such negative aspects to a culture that really needs help flourishing right now, is not in anyone's best interest. Avid fans of X-Raided's prison era of rap can always revisit that material, its available for the masses. I believe that everyone should be more open to embracing something new from the man, and be genuinely happy for his freedom, and everything he is able to experience in the world.

You can't always be everyone's favorite, and that's okay. Life happens, and people change. In my opinion, it is quite selfish to want to keep someone at a certain level in life for our own personal gratification. Growth is a beautiful thing, embrace it. The man is in the entertainment industry, remember that. And I bet he still feels like he's walking on egg shells at times. We can't be mad at someone who chooses a better path, and ultimately evolves in life. Try it sometime. It's extremely liberating..

God Bless..
Does that mean we ain’t getting a Bitch Killa II?