Who Wants Some Chop It Up Clicc

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May 6, 2002
i finally got my hands on a copy, after 3 years of searching and bugging virutally every single person from KC, i have a copy!!! Chop It Up Clicc - Da Undacuttaz is available from me, just get at me in my pm and i'll send you the whole thing mp3. i only do this because this cd is so fuckin rare its ridiculous, and all yall should have a chance to peep this knockin ass cd. honestly it was worth the wait, track #1 is straight heat. i'd appreciate anyone else that gets their hands on a copy to willfully send to someone so that the word can get spread about this shit. however if you dont know what ftp is, or you dont know what irc is, then plz dont ask me for it cuz i wont respond. ftp or irc only. drop me a pm for the album.

Shouts ta foodstamp for the hook!