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Apr 25, 2002
T-Sheezy said:
Yo you got any open spots on volume 2? How would i buy volume 1?

When we start Volume 2, we will post up details for submissions, etc. Thanks for all the interest from folks.

Towers, Wherehouses, Sam Goodys should carry it..
www.cduniverse.com online! FYE'S should have it...
depends on your location pimp...what cd spots are u near?

or if all else fails, order direct pimp...hitme
[email protected]

Apr 25, 2002

Moonshine Bandits Presents - Whiteboyz in the Game

1) "Bukshot Intro" Bukshot
Bukshot sends out a phone call.

2) "Bar Room Brawl (Hot Mix 2)" Bukshot ft. Haystak, T-Bo, Moonshine Bandits
Produced by: DJ Dev
A pretty solid beat by DJ Dev to get the album started with, it has a fast pace to it that fits with the theme of the track perfectly. They talk about a bar room brawl getting crazy all over the place. Everyone comes pretty tight on this one. You want to me in there chunking em with them after hearing the lyrics and the beat. A tight track to get this album started with.

3) "Country Livin' (Backroadz Mix)" Moonshine Bandits ft. Bubba Sparxxx
Produced by: Tyrant
This is clean sounding remix to the opening track from the Moonshiners album "Soggy Crakerz." The beat by Tyrant is bangin with the harmonica in the background. Solid flows by Bubba Sparxxx and the Moonshiners come solid on the mic. A coo remix to the original.

4) "Fastlane" Shadowyze ft. Krizm
Produced by: DJ Dev
Some heavy guitar work on this song. The beat and production is sampled, but it has a solid sound to it. The flows by Shadowyze and Krizm are pretty good for the most part. It's a solid song overall, I'm feeling it.

5) "You Don't Know" Dutch
Produced by: Errelevant
I like the verses by Dutch, but not the chorus. The production by Errelevant is solid, nothing outstanding, but a good sound to it. Dutch holds his own on the verses, but this song needed a much better hook.

6) "Armor All" Paradime
Produced by: Essman & Denaun Porter
A little something different right here. I've never heard someone bust a flow about Armor All, but it's coo. Paradime holds it down with a solid mic presence. The beat by Essman and Denaun Porter is pretty good, they even include a little talk box effect on the chorus. Not really into the actual words, but I like Paradime's style and the beat to go along with it.

7) "Bad Azz Whiteboys" Southcoast Coalition ft. T-Bo, Mike da Hustla
Produced by: Clever
A clever little beat by Clever, sorry. It's got that Down South feel to it on the flows by the Southcoast Coalition. T-Bo comes with the best verse on the song. A pretty solid song overall, a solid beat with some coo flows. I'm feeling it.

8) "People Following Me" Phunk Junkeez
No production notes on this track, but the beat is pretty good. Phunk Junkeez comes solid on the mic both members talking about people following them everywhere they go. I like the first member of the group a lot more than the second. Another coo song, although they could have gone without the second verse.

9) "Fuck That" Illson
Again no production notes for this track. Not really feeling the beat for this one as much as the rest of the songs. It has some guitar work in the background that I'm not really feeling. Illson comes ok on the mic, nothing really outstanding. A decent song at best, I'm not feeling this one as much.

10) "Dead Body Disposal" Necro
Produced by: Necro
A coo little beat playing in the background by Necro. He comes solid on the mic talking about desposing of dead bodies. A bit of a weird song, but it's coo I guess.

11) "Fucked Up Fairytale" Tragedy
Produced by: The GOD
A hard sounding beat by The GOD to get things started. Tragedy talks about a fucked up fairytale. The beat really gets your head moving as Tragedy lays down the vocals on the mic nicely. A pretty good song overall, it has that dark feel to it, I'm feeling it.

12) "Way Before" Mista Cane
Produced by: Davey D.
Mista Cane is one of the new upcoming talents out of the Bay Area. Davey D. laces him up with a basic, but solid beat. Cane talks about what he used to do before he became a rapper. He brings a solid mic style with good rhymes and a solid flow. I'm feeling this one overall.

13) "UK Husters" Late
Produced by: Tricksta & Late
An English rapper? I'm sorry I just can't picture the lyrics with the face on this track. He talks about being hard, robbing, stealing, killing, but he has that strong English accent and it just sounds phoney. The beat is ok by Tricksta and Late. Not feeling this track at all.

14) "Fight for Your Right" Tyrant ft. R.P.M.
Produced by: Tyrant
A throwback beat for this track. It gets your head moving though and it has some nice background sounds to it. They made it sound like a Beastie Boys song, from the beat to the lyrics. It works pretty well, although it's not as good as the Beastie Boys themselves. A solid song overall though.

15) "Get Gone" Hooli Automatic, Mr. Sinatra, Hellwig Baythoven
Produced by: Mr. Sinatra
The beat is pretty good for this track by Mr. Sinatra, but that's as far as I like it. I'm not into the flows by Hooli Automatic, Mr. Sinatra or Hellwig Baythoven. A coo beat, but that's it.

16) "Don't U" Myth
Produced by: Myth
Myth brings a solid beat as always. I'm not feeling Myth on the mic though. He's alright on his verses, but I don't like his voice at all and the hook isn't all that to me. More solid production, but I'm not feeling the flows.

17) "You Don't Know (What We Had to Do)" Whitey Pines ft. Haystak, Lexx
Produced by: Lexx Luger
Lexx laces up the track with a clean beat. I also like Lexx on the mic, but the rest of the flows needed to be taken off. I'm not feeling Haystak on his verse or on the hook. Whitey Pines is pretty good on his verse too, but Haystak ruined this track for me.

18) "Wild West (Radio Mix)" TA Guerrero, Derrty D, Moonshine Bandits
Produced by: Auditory
This is the Wild West song from the Moonshine Bandits Wild West compilation. This is the radio mix. An ok song overall, not one of their best.

Overall this was a decent compilation from the Moonshine Bandits. A little something new coming out with a compilation compiled completely full of white rappers. The production was the strength of this album, I liked a majority of the beats. The flows are a little different story. I thought the songs were a bit inconsistent. There were some songs that featured a couple rappers with very good lyrics, mic styles and flows, and then there were songs that just had a good beat. The album was up and down to me, with one song being very tight, and the next being filler material. Mista Cane impressed me once again though, and the Moonshiners did their thing again. A decent album.

Overall Rating = 3/5