When is KC gonna get off of the Bay nutz???

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May 20, 2006
The real question is going to be what will local artists do once 7th Heaven decides to close or stop selling albums?
when u figure that out let me kno.......

i got sum new talent but im trying to figure out how to make it profitable...

the last project i dropped was in '06, when i see another opportunity.... trust and believe im on it.....

Oct 2, 2006
With all of the local outlets disappearing its going to be hard to sell physical copies unless something new and creative can be put together.

Street Side in westport is going or gone now... 7th heaven on the way out... I know Wax Factory is still around on the KS side from what I remember but no telling how much longer it will be around either.

Trying to get ppl to buy digital albums is a hard sell. Without a place for local entrepreneurs to showcase their products the independent grind could be falling to a new low around here. Its discouraging when you have a good product but nowhere to put it.
May 2, 2002
Slightly off topic, but i heard rich was locked up, or got into a wreck and broke his legs. Anyone know what the deal is?
Locked up? No. Well, let me rephrase that, "not that I know of." If he had been, it would've prob been in the paper; on the news.
Yes, he was in a wreck (2004); broke his hip and an ankle.

Jul 7, 2002
They got raided for their smoke shop section that was selling "bongs & pipes" I believe they had radio commercials advertising them for their uses with drugs and not tobacco.

The prices in 7th Heaven are determined by the artists when they put their album in the store. The price is based off of how much profit you want to gain per album sold.

Profit / Sale Price
$5 = $9.97
$6 = $11.97

The artists are the ones to blame for the high prices on the shelves.
For some reason rappers perpetually base all of their numbers off of $10 a CD, so I am guessing they go into 7th Heaven and say I need $10 a disc, and the consumer gets an $18ish retail price.
Feb 8, 2003
waka flocka came thru here and checked 30 racks for one club performance and two club appearances...... smh....

not a bad weekend for waka
lol nope he probaly bought another car or punk azz chain. if that was me and i had the success waka had i wouldve took a couple local undsigned talented kc rappers back with me and gave them opportunites and blessings to get started on the major level. But thats me im a real nigga but ofcoarse majority of mainstream rappers are selfish let egos get in the way and dont wanna help start new careers. im old school i believe in appreciating blessings and changing lives.
Nov 25, 2009
The Bay/KC connection is love. Diggs is dope man. Don't hate on another man that's coming up. Bay and KC artists help eachother out. It's a beautiful thing Moe.
Mar 26, 2010
quiet your cryen if it wasent for jt the bigga figga kc would never even been heard of ,jt gave u niggas air to breath ,like diggs or not he still gettin kc money and from it sounds like from u he gettin it every other day out there ,get yo money diggs!
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