What was your favorite song on Ghetto Classics...

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Apr 25, 2002
Let me know ya'll. I've been gettin' a lot of orders for Ghetto Classics lately based on how tight Dollars & Sins is. I know Dollars & Sins is better(it should be right, it's my 2nd album), but let me know your favorites on Ghetto Classics...One. LIL C.S.


Ain't Nobody Gafflin' Me
Apr 25, 2002
ghetto classics grew on me alot since i first bought it. when i first got it i was like "its coo but it aint that great", im sure u remember cuz i emailed u after i got it to tell u what i thought. then that shit started soakin in, and lately i been bumpin it MORE than dollars & sins. ecay's production on GC was on point. especially shit like "On Ah Come Up Mission", "Holdin Court In The Street". "Would You Ride 4 Your Homey?" and "Dont Hate Me Cuz You Cant Fade Me". I still think Dollars & Sins was a better album, but i really like ghetto classics now

if yall aint got either album take CS up on his offer cuz thats a hell of a deal for 2 slumpin albums.