What up MSB

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Apr 25, 2002
HAHAHAHAH, SUP COMRADE, HOW U BEEN....hope all is well.

YOU MUST HAVE TALKED W/ DEREK...R you still doing music or just art.....whats been up bro...

as for us,
Just rocked a fat show with Uncle Kracker,
got a real good chance to hang and network w/ them and figure out a few things---...
Got a couple more bigger shows in the works, one with Jack Daniels!

Working on Moonshine Bandits Album "PROHIBITION":
-Mainly a rap/country/ witha touch of rock album.
-Got some nice production from Ty, Auditory, and a cat in Denmark, a rock band,
and some mix work from DJ Dev.
-Got some nice country hooks from Derek
-Got a nice club song w/ Jay Tee
Its pretty cool, we are taking our time and doing it our way, it really can't be categorized as a "rap" album... We are heading towards the kracker/kid rock market which is alternative rap/pop....

We are also working w/ a project entitled HUMBOLDT STORMZ COMPILATION:
All exclusive tracks with Kottonmouth Kings, Jay Tee, Spice 1, Luniz, Moonshine, Potluck, Coolnutz
and more.

we are busy bro, hitme back....peep our show pics: www.moonshinebandits.com