What Really Any Savs out there

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May 18, 2003
Dont Stop

Me and my Partnas are pleased with the progress we have made but at the same time there are alot more of you reading this saying I dont know. I seen the names of some of these rappers up on here. NETWORK. Real Talk we got a roster of talent that would be willing to trade verses for those of you who feel you need to be paid for spittin its understandable. I my self am one of them. But dont let that stop you. There aint no rapper in this game out of all areas and area codes who couldnt use some more exposure. Most of us have our hometown sowed up. Thats usually a given if your shit is hard. But its all about promotions. Whats really all Hoods Holla. If you lag you lose
Apr 25, 2002
that shit u dropped is hard as fuk best believe we knockin that shit out here in denver

that beat and tha song wit dmoe is off tha rictor but that get gangsta is tha jam and that track wit cellski...way 2 hard