What race of people are your favorite?

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What race do you like

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Jan 31, 2008
mouth_my_nuts @mouth_my_nuts , here you go:

allow me to elaborate. Some legit belief systems believe that when you look around you are seeing the face of god. While god preceded all form and all quality, therefore whatever you look at cannot be god because all you see is a creation/the result of god. "Whatever you imagine, god must be different from it".
These are people who believe that god exists without a place because he created space/place at one point and therefore had existed without space and without all of his creations and therefor cannot be in *need* of them(need food, water, shelter, as with the christian god for instance).
Following this line of thinking, it is very easy to see that the "Self" can also be considered god as it abides by the same attributes(or lack thereof): who you think you are cannot be separated from the object of what you identify with. For instance, you can say "I am a christian. I am a male. I love dogs" if asked who are you. But if you remove the object(christian, male, dog), the subject cannot be found. It turns out the subject is merely a function conjured up by the mind(the flesh and blood of the animal; the animal's psychological schema) for the sake of survival of the animal. This function shows up as the subject aka "I-ness".

Notice how when your body is fully content and well-fed, you may feel yourself to be more a spirit or soul with a body rather than as the body, but as soon as that body is hungry: "I AM HUNGRY!". It speaks on behalf of the "I". Just as the "I" is being used in this hunger example for survival(that the flesh and blood get sustenance for survival), IT IS ALWAYS BEING USED FOR SURVIVAL. IT LIVES A PERSONAL PRIVATE WORLD LIKE THE LITTLE APE THAT IT IS(see signature).
Since this "I" aka identity is nothing more than a bundle of identifications( I am christian, love dogs), one of its most important functions has been to protect the validity of these identifications which means: it must be right in its beliefs.
So if this identity from birth shows up as a christian, it is programmed to validate itself and see the world(imagine the world) in a way that only confirms what it believes(confirmation bias). It is incapable of SEEING the contradictions or falsehoods in its own belief systems. So ALL of its beliefs are certain to be other than how they sell themselves as. They are rather the lifeline of the little ape ego rather than objective truths.

Anyway, back to the Self. If we look close enough we can see that, just like god, the self is also devoid of any quality and cannot be seen. We live our lives with this sense of self that lives in the peripheral of our mind's eye, but when you look directly at it its just a blind spot. This is where one can begin to see that this relative, small, monkey minded, programmed for survival, mechanical organism, is only really experiencing its own nature(really god is all there is even in the subjective experience). It experiences its senses, it experiences its comprehension of the outside world; it lives within itself.

This means that there is absolutely nothing wrong with the world and everything is unfolding naturally. It must be natural or else it wouldn't have manifested. This also means that the way Man the Ape interprets the world; the belief system it adopts; the narrative it lives(usually conditioned into it by ancient ape tribal hierarchies, is also part of the plan. It means that everything is serving its function as fully as possible.

It is poetic in that reality is more like a mirror that reflects back what we put out. We could become empty ourselves like mirrors and reflect eternity.

I can go on and on and on but to be honest, us apes are as mentioned above programmed to not see the contradictions and obvious holes. For the most part I scare people because they have this existential crisis when they see that they("the I") really do not exist in any objective sense. At this point they enter that fear stage that will gladly be blind to these contradictions and grow defensive and feel threatened.
If they gain the courage to go through it, they will come out on the other side and realize: god is all there is including their own true nature. Even jesus hinted at this with god is within, kingdom of heaven is within, didnt i say that ye are gods, etc.

Instead you got motherfuckers in here trying to argue to the end of their lives about how they each won the lottery and are one of the 2% who abide by the "actual actual truth". They are SO CERTAIN that what they believe is the truth EVEN THOUGH THEY DID ABSOLUTELY NOTHING TO REACH IT. It is not through their direct experience, not through their own questioning, not through even their own imagination. But they will create threads talking about exactly who some book means. They believe first and perceive later.
Just apes deceiving themselves and each other. There is nothing wrong with this but until you see this for yourself in yourself, your life is being used up.
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Jan 27, 2006
I've started to appreciate Hinduism more. Watch some Sadhguru videos some of the stuff he says makes you think!!

One thing fucked up about Hinduism are the Aghori's. They drink piss and eat feces out of a human skull and do hella drugs, roam the land and sleep in cemeteries


Mac Jesus

Girls send me your nudes
May 31, 2003
I recently hooked up with an Indian broad for the first time. I haven't before because they are usually pretty ugly but she was half decent. She was a freak. Mad into Disney and had elephants all over her place. Pretty sure that's a religious thing but when I asked she said no she just likes elephants and isn't religious.
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Jan 27, 2006
I recently hooked up with an Indian broad for the first time. I haven't before because they are usually pretty ugly but she was half decent. She was a freak. Mad into Disney and had elephants all over her place. Pretty sure that's a religious thing but when I asked she said no she just likes elephants and isn't religious.
Her Hindu heritage must be subconsciously surrounding her with Ganesh the elephant god

May 22, 2006
if i had to choose one group of people to be around for the rest of my life it would be people who speak spanish. I haven't met a finer species