What movie did you just watch and what did you think?

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Jan 29, 2005
so how did they manage to fuck the reboot up???
The movie consists of an hour of them in the lab building their machine, 5 minutes on the cool planet, 15 minutes of them "coming to terms" with their new powers while locked up in another lab which consisted of "oh I got these powers now, that's cool, hopefully we can fix it some day though", then 15 minutes of actual Fantastic Four and Doom. No joke, only 15 minutes of the movie at the very end is Fantastic Four and Doom.

The script was all over the place also, there were a couple important plot pieces that were introduced, but never finished or even looked at again.

Add to the fact the acting was atrocious. Michael B. Jordan's face didn't change the entire movie lol it was like he was reading straight from the script in a monotone voice. Whether or not he was happy, mad, sad, he was exactly the same lol
Aug 20, 2006
clown-i think i read here that people weren't feelin this movie. But it was about a dude who put on a clown suit and couldn't take it off. it wasn't meant to be taken seriously. I liked it.

the gallows-this was so stupid. I'm so fucking sick of these "found footage" type movies but they're cheap as hell to make so theres gonna be a lot more.

unfriended-worst movie ever.

kings of summer-pretty good movie. Ron Swanson and that little kid were funny.

lucy-i heard this wasn't very good but figured there'd be some good action so I watched it. There ended up being very little action and the premise of the movie is dumb. wouldn't watch it again.
Mar 22, 2013
Once Upon A Time In America, nothing about it was really bad, but i'm hesitating on watching it again. Clocking in at a little over 3 hours and 30 minutes it was tremendous from start to finish, my favorite moment was the killing of Chicken joe.

If ur gonna check it out make sure to skip the rape scenes, and don't watch the pussy 90 minute version trust me