Whar album put you onto bay rap?

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Dec 3, 2015
Bay Area
IRbl posse lesson to be learned
Hit man solo creep
GLP straight out the lab
Set the gaffla first album
D-moe first album
X raided first album
Broths lynch season of the sic
Spice 1 Amerikkka
11/5 fienin 4 the funk
Cold world hustlers
51/50 first album
C-bo one life to live
Jt the Biggs Figga put it on the map
Cellski mr predictor
Closed caption harvest
E40 in a major way
Mac dren first album
Mac mall illegal business

This what I grew up on
Mar 17, 2006
I had known and liked e-40 but a friend of mine gave me the funk mobb tape it aint 4 play and I was instantly hooked. Shit...I remember getting my Walkman taken by the principal and couldn't get it back til the end of the year. I was pretty salty but best believe I was there on the last day of school to get my shit. I still remember looking into that big utility closet they kept all that kinda stuff and there was hundreds of pagers in there and tons of walkmans. Damn I miss the 90s lol
Sep 3, 2002
Like the rest, I heard Hammer and DU before anything else, but ALBUM wise----

My older Brother had "Gettin' It" and "Hall of Game" in his truck. And my other brother had "Amerikkkaz Nightmare" and "Me Against the World" but I couldn't really have my way with these albums.

"Killa Kali" was the first bay album I was able to spend quality time with. A homie let me borrow it.

"I got 5 on it" was of course bumping on the radio and "Back to the Hotel" but sticking to ALBUMS-----

"Can You Feel me", "Seasoned Veteran" and "Untouchable" came soon after that. Again from a friend.

Another homie had ALL the Spice-1 albums after awhile. So we listened to that heavy. Plus all the Westcoast Bad Boys and Master P's if you count those.

The first bay albums that I OWNED were "Strictly for my n.i.g.g.a.z" and "Hemp Museum"