This place is almost a ghost town

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Dec 3, 2016
It's good to see a few of you are still on here but I remember when folks like Colombo, Lady Tragik, Baysic Clothing, and a grip others I'm forgetting used to post on here. I actually learned a thing or two on here too. Discuss650 > Chapo Guzman > Chapo Guzman V2

I also remember when JT The Bigga Figga was beefin with Kadafi over using his "American water" lol. :siccness:

45Yr Old Virgin

Franchise War Veteran
Apr 25, 2002
you're right, i should of said these are CAN BE SOME of the reasons. there's plenty already mentioned. another could be is it's niche orientated music, people can find some of the music here in much bigger platforms or popular sites. some sites have bigger connections and resources to push their stuff out and expand to do more than be a forum. if you want to connect with artists, there's other platforms to use now like snapchat, instagram, facebook and twitter. although as already stated, being able to connect with artist to fans isn't always a good thing since both sides can be major douchebags.

i used to be part of a site that pushed a certain niche and i saw how difficult and EXPENSIVE it is to keep things running. eventually everyone involved who was actually dedicated to it had to move on and whomever took over wasn't so professional or had heart into it to keep it alive.

either way, it's just a rap forum to me so it's no sweat off my balls but regardless, this site still exists and it may not be as active as before but it still runs despite of it.


Barlito's Way
Feb 8, 2006
Yea it's true that there are other platforms to connect with artists and find out information about music and shit, but, for years this site was like a hub that brought people together to talk about what's going on social media and the music industry. Shit MySpace had been around for quite a few years and thisbsit was still very active. Maybe the folks that were most active on this site are much older now and have other shit to do. These younger folks maybe aren't so much into Bay Area rap these days like us older folks were.