They Talk DragonHawk ft/ Flosja (Peep this new track..) HOT SHIT!

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Jan 7, 2003
WHatz up yall ?

Peep this brand new track from DragonHawk and FLosja.. its some HOT shit... they got a really fast.. rap style.. and they both got solo albums dropin.. and a collab album on tha way...


Scroll down and peep thasong "They Talk ft' Flosja"

This is some really hot shit.. worth peepin... some really fast flows..

so hit up tha thread and let me know what yall think. pz!
Aug 21, 2002
dam shit sound hella tight...wish the vocals were a lil better quality tho...where can i pick up they solos or anything that they are featured on?

wasnt u gonna hook up your own site wit sum muzic by u...what happened to that?
Mar 14, 2003
OHhhh NIzzle Ill drop you a link fo sho.. TO there website.. with all their info... for ordering the CDs... these guys got heat...

I can also drop you a link... to some.. mor of they songs.. and Their brand new cut is OFF THA HOOK! im drop a link in this thread fo ya...

OHHHH xNIzzLex i got sum shit.. comin as well.. i jus barely.. gettin good at mixin.. and mastering.. shit.. u know.? lol that shit i showed my homie back then.. was very LOW quality.. i didnt wanna post something.. unless.. it sounded really tight..

BUt fo now i wanna help promote these guys Deadly Elements.. cuase they are ready... to drop they Muzik....but fo sho Nizzle i aint forgot ima drop some of my shit.. Or ill PM you a link aight then.. man. pz...

IMa drop.. a new song by... Flosja and DragonHawk.. ina few mins.. pz...

And thanx fo tha feedback.. pz!

also let me know if you want some more songs.. from them.. and Solo mp3's if you got aim i can hook u up wit some stuff they released earlier.. pz.!

PS: This is MUrdaousTHUG on my new name...
Mar 14, 2003
Tha New Song..

Aight Dawg.. here's Tha Latest cut by "Deadly Elements" Made up from tha memebers Flosja.. and DragonHawk... also if you feelin. this shit man.. tell ur homies who like fast rappin to check this shit out.. this song is off tha fuckin HOOK! click here to get tha song.. you can play it.. lo fi or hi fo.. pz

Click tha link below.. and tha song wil be there...pz.

Click there its posted in theri thread.. on tha bone board... jus click Lo Fi.. and it will play.. on ur MP3.. player. tell me what u think.. pz..!

Ill hook u up with some MP3 from flosja.. and some links to DragonHawks.. new Solo track.. soon pz