The Random Thoughts Thread

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May 7, 2013
No but my equal that I just connected with has.

Like Rebrobus, I went looking for the Devil 13 years ago last week. When I found the devil, it became mad because I refused to believe in it. He sent a harlot to kill me 13 years ago in a motel 6, but did not succeed. He sent another harlot 9.5 months ago. She tried to take anything of material value is what she gave birth to, but also failed. Now she has attempted to use the devil's language against me for casting her out in the form of a court order, but can't find me as I am hidden under a cloak of darkness. Regardless, I will be victorious whether the King's men show themselves or not, for these are men who serve a false King and I am the one who carried Christ over the water.

I will be spell casting soon and the Cancers days are numbered and I will hold their soul in the afterlife.
She went to rehab and I got richer
make a bitch bitcher