The Pussys on Lease

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Apr 25, 2002
Much love folks. That's one of the songs I'm performin' on May 24th at the show. I know Mac Dre is the headliner, and Speedy Loc is on it too. They still haven't sent me a flyer even though they added me to the new one. These are the songs I'm performing in order.

1. Sic Wit' This
2. The Pussy's on Lease (first 2 verses and hooks)
3. P-I-M-P means Puttit In My Pocket (first 2 verses and hooks)
4. Comin' Out Smashin' (new song from the upcoming album from The Mobstaz titled "The Hardest". The Mobstaz is Me, Playboy Floyd, Big Mar-Dog and Baby Ant. Baby Ant is in the pen right now but gets out soon)

I'ma hit you when I get free up there homey. Even if we don't hook up on this trip it's all good. I don't expect niggaz to stop what they're doin' just to come holla at a nigga. Plus we gon' be on one. I'll holla though. One. LIL C.S.