The official 2014 Raiders offseason thread

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Oct 10, 2005

copied and pasted this from the Raiderfans forum:
*Strongest arm in the draft (been clocked at 61 MPH )which is as strong as anybody and Gruden said he has the strongest arm -- Other QBs MPH
*Called most of his own plays in college, sometimes 90% of the game
*Changes his own plays, calls the blocking protections after reading the defense. Most college QBs have to learn this in the NFL and he already does and has been watching NFL film since he was 12 years old.
*Intense leader who will be able to excel in the no huddle offense. Imagine formations with Reece, Ausberry and Rivera where you could run or spread them and throw, how do teams cover the run and pass in no huddle? When he gets up to speed it will be impossible!
but will he be good in Madden?


Sicc OG
Feb 24, 2003
8/8 Raiders @ Minnesota 5:00 PM
8/15 Raiders vs. Detroit 7:00 PM
8/22 Raiders @ Green Bay 5:00 PM
8/22 Raiders vs. Seattle 7:00 PM
9/7 Raiders @ New York Jets 10:00 AM
9/14 Raiders vs. Houston 1:25 PM
9/21 Raiders @ New England 10:00 AM
9/28 Raiders vs. Miami 10:00 AM (London)
10/5 *BYE*
10/12 Raiders vs. San Diego 1:05 PM
10/19 Raiders vs. Arizona 1:25 PM
10/26 Raiders @ Cleveland 1:25 PM
11/2 Raiders @ Seattle 1:25 PM
11/9 Raiders vs. Denver 1:05 PM
11/16 Raiders @ San Diego 1:05 PM
11/20 (Thursday) Raiders vs. Kansas City 5:25 PM
11/30 Raiders @ Saint Louis 10:00 AM
12/7 Raiders vs. San Francisco 1:25 PM
12/14 Raiders @ Kansas City 10:00 AM
11/21 Raiders vs. Buffalo 1:25 PM
11/28 Raiders @ Denver 1:25 PM

Dec 7th Will be a fun fucking day in Oakland

fuckin games sold out already!!...FML!


Raider Nation
Feb 21, 2005
Might have to cop a Mack jersey... I'll give it a season, but if he lives up to the hype it could be the first current raider jersey I've owned since when Tim Brown
Nov 20, 2013
yeah dat. I need a new jersey anyway and mack is the real deal. also kind of want to get gabe "big smooth" jackson #66 jersey. he could very likely be a starting guard for us for the next 10 years.
Dec 2, 2006

NFL Network: Raiders Talking With Agent For Tebow About Tryout

It’s a move that would put the Raiders back in the headlines of just about every NFL run show in the country – Tim Tebow may be ready to workout for the silver and black.
A tweet sent out by NFL Network reporter Ian Rapport about 10:35pm West Coast time Saturday night stated that the Raiders are in discussions with Tebow’s agent about a potential tryout.
Another interesting aspect is that the position that Tebow would be trying out for isn’t confirmed, meaning that instead of QB, the Raiders my just have interest in trying him out at some pass catching position if a tryout does indeed take place.
Tebow hasn’t played since his release from the Jets at the end of the 2012 season. He started his career as a first-round pick of the Denver Broncos, and in two seasons with Denver was 8-6 as a starter, and in his first ever playoff game went off for over 300 yards in an overtime win over the Pittsburgh Steelers in Denver.
He was traded by Denver to the Jets for a 4th round pick in 2012, but never saw much playing time for Rex Ryan, and the team released him after one year.
He was in preseason with the Patriots last summer, but failed to make the teams roster and was released in final cuts.
#Raiders talking to Tebow's agent about a potential tryout. Position not confirmed. #wow @nfl
— Ian Rapoport ( R @REAL RapSheet) May 18, 2014