The Black Hole Posse

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May 22, 2002
I've bought a couple of their releases on eBay:
B.H.P. - Denver Love
B.H.P. - Eastbound
B.H.P. - Sounds Of A Murder
B.H.P. Records presents Art Gallery Vol. 1
B.H.P. Records presents Mid-Coast Mafia
B.H.P. Records presents Tha Block - Movie Soundtrack
B.H.P. Records presents A.K. Love & Dizz - Double 187
B.H.P. Records presents Colorado All Stars - Denver's Best
Mashek - Who Tha Best

where can I cop these tapes?:
B.H.P. - Dirty Cops
B.H.P. - Still Getting Jacked

and what's the word on these releases, I saw them on some guy's list who claims he has them....are they bootlegs or what?:
Art Gallery 2000, President's Day, Erruption, Family First

Did B.H.P. release any other shit?