Tell me about E-Class reppin Topeka, Kansas

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Apr 25, 2002
This guy has some serious spits, I really respect his work. He's got a few cuts I absolutely love, "Do You" and "Don't Forget" are my two favorites.

I actually know very little about the guy, does anybody on here? What are his official releases, does he have an official site anywhere, is he still rappin?
Jul 21, 2005
yea i up them cds ill see about taking pics on da cds tonight but anyways last i knew they change there name to Paypa House (something to do with there studio y), last time i seen them was in earlier this year. members are Nemo AKA "The Emphasis", Zig Zag AKA "He-fya", Sammie L. Davis AKA "Young Bitchy" (if i remember right these 3 are the OG members from first cd In Session), Reddy Made, Franko. there under Big Hurt Records (785) 554-6118. not sure if the number is still good. they have 2 vans painted how the cd cover is. they used 2 come into my work all da time thats when i bought em. im not sure if i upped all da mixtapes i bought from them.