Techs mother passes away. RIP Maudie Yates

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Aug 16, 2003
I'm not trying to get too personal in Techs life, but we all know that his mom's sickness over the last few years had been a topic he's spoken on in interviews and on record.
She passed away a day or two ago and I'm just wondering what, if any effect it will have on his music going forward. Or if any impact will be felt on his career. I know he just did a show yesterday so I know he hasn't stopped his grinding just yet for this tour.

Aug 23, 2002

I feel like an asshole that this popped into my head after seeing this news, but tech's next cd will be a classic due to this. All of the raw emotions will be put towards it.

At least he can rest easy knowing that she no longer is in immense pain.
Aug 27, 2007
damn...RIP Mrs.Yates

she was so young (late fifties i believe?) has been foreshadowing this day, and all the unavoidable hurt that comes w/it for years in his music.

nobody would ever wish a tragedy as such upon someone they admire, but through great pain comes amazing art (especially w/an artist like tech)
Aug 16, 2003
Makes sense. I know people that don't believe in going to funerals and just grieve that way, but at the same time it's his mom. I can't tell that man what to do, but most people would at least go to that.

When its all done it dosent really matter. Techs gonna do him and more than likely carry on with his life.

Not getting into this personal issue, but when Brian Dennis died, Tech said he hadn't been to a funeral in years and prefers to grieve through music and performing. Extrapolate on that and you'll probably get your answer.

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Sep 30, 2002
Tech WILL Memorialize his Mother. And I saw first hand just how much his fans are helping him heal from this, it's almost like he knew it would be this hard but he didn't know you guys could curb the pain as much as you have. In a conversation away from the stage over some breakfast he told me "those motherfuckers keep me alive man, they keep me going". He said "I have felt love on stage before but nothing like the last 2 days, they care about me as a person, and even though I knew that I never thought it could be that much or that powerful, it breaks me down and holds me together at the same time"
Nov 4, 2005
R.i.p. I feel the pain of losing a mom at such a young age, my mom was only 43 and passed away from cancer being a church lady and working in the church community, 2011 was hard and its still hard, every valentines day reminds me of it..... Just stay strong Aaron
Nov 14, 2002
Aw Fuck.I won't even bother to try to find the words, because I've got nothing that I feel would be worthwhile to say.

I'll just say that just about every time I hear Moma Nem, I DO call my mom... It's kind of become a joke between the two of us. Whenever I call her randomly she's just like "Have you been listening to Tech N9ne again?"

That's the best I've got.

I'm sorry, man. I'm also sorry I'm so late on this.
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