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Apr 8, 2006
So Long Story Short this Man hooked me the fuck up!!

This is what he gave me.

Brotha Lynch n Sicx Nigga Deep
Brotha Lynch 24 deep Original Copy with the noose on the cover and the Reprint
Brotha Lynch LOADED Black Market chrome OG and Copy
Brotha Lynch Season a da Sicc Chrome OG and copy
5 other Lynch cd's
Mr.Doctor Setrippin Bloccstyle Chrome OG and copy
Original CB Autopsy
5 Ice Cube Cds,6 Daz,6 Snoop,a bunch a Kurupt
TWO OG COPYS of JT The Bigga Figga Operation Takeover they go 4 cheeze look'em up
XRAIDED,Phsyco Active,Xorcist,Unforgivin=,Initiation,Deadly Game
2 copys of the following Mac Mall illegal buisness and untouchable,The Click Game Realted,Dubee aka Sugawolf
All the Luniz cd's,Dogg Pound,Too Short shit..all Triple Beams c.d.'s 2 copies of Conspiracy Theory,Loki illigiamati,like 5 otha Bo c.d.'s Dubb Sak Bad 2 the Bone,Paris Guerilla Funk and his otha OG copy of the First TRU "TRUE"
West Coast Bas Boyz1 a bunch a old Three6Mafia like theyre first albums n sum Indo G..a GANG A RARE COMPS like Legal Dope,Blood n Tears 18 wit a bullet.The 1st GLP cd n like 3 others Lil C.S. Ghetto Classics...

A total of about 400 c.d's the dude has a collection you wouldn't believe n 2 tell ya the truth I thinbk he was even still holdin out on me!!

You da man Suspect#1 I Apriciate it!


Sicc OG
May 17, 2002
now wait r these original cd's? like hard copies? how much u pay for all that I need to get some new cd's suspect whatup homie?
Apr 8, 2006
now wait r these original cd's? like hard copies? how much u pay for all that I need to get some new cd's suspect whatup homie?
Yes if you slow down n read he gave me OG(Originals) and copys.

Dude hooked it the fuck up.

I dont know where he's from, but I met him in a place that did not seem 2 suit can tell when you look at him he a Tru street cat..he musta dun sumthin.

He sold it 2 me cuz it was right b4 Christmas and he knew that was my Christmas present...ya know you cant just walk up in the mall n buy a collection like that.
Apr 8, 2006
On an off note eh Kon1 I just read the post adressed to you and the post from yesterday...It looks a little rough around the i'm just sayin if you felt disrespected in anyway its unintentional G
Apr 8, 2006
Ya he also gave me about 40 unopened joints

Yall heard a Mac Minister? I guess he got a label called Grapetree n theres over a hundred different C.D's from this label...its pretty impressive I dunno if I ever heard of a label putting out that many c.d.'s

I can't really say dudes smokin n dumpin his shit...he looked like the Kick Door type but I couldnt really see him as a smoker...ya never know.

But this is where I would say he isnt.
He gave me a collection where he had sum a the rarest features on comps...ya know like Mac Mall features from 96 n Spice 1 features from way back...these where tracked down.

But when I did the math 4 what I paid it seemed like he did what I asked 4 n a little extra to make the deal pan out fairly with me walkin away happy about it.

He gave me almost specifically what I asked 4 with a lil xtra from the same peeps I was askin about.
I really feel like hes the kind a collector that held on 2 his real jewels n sold off what he felt he could.
I wouldnt doubt if this cat got them hard 2 find n know about gems.
Ya know like he gave me as much as he thought I knew about...dude probobly had like OG copys a say 11/5 Fiendin 4 tha Funk,Young Ed Time 2 Stack,EZSD,B.O.M. Young Dre D Troubled Mind.

I didnt think 2 ask 4 sumthin like that cuz we got alot a Siccmade cats up here in the North West so I figured it was just mainly gunna be a siccmade collection...ya know only the Old Headz be knowin about old rare Cali shit like that so I didnt think 2 ask..I wish I would've
Apr 25, 2002
What up Dragon. Much love homie! Long story short...I just dont have a want or desire for the cds anymore. I been bouncing spot to spot for awhile and its a hassle draggin those joints everywhere I go.

I just bought a house, work hella hard during the day and run my own business at night. Not to mention I gotta a family going on. So i just cant put the time and effort into this anymore.

So instead or hoarding the shit in boxes collecting dust, I decided to get them to someone who will get some use out of them.

Im happy with the way things, Your happy with the way things went, so its a beautiful situtation, Ya feel me?

And Yea, this place dont fit me. But I wanna see my babies grow up, living and loving life. I cant be in spots whrre I know I cant refrain from the life!

So I wanna live, and be free at the same time. So I figure if I stay where Im at I wont run the risk of incarceration!

My post got off track, but all in all I just wasnt utilizing the cds like they should be.

And yea you indeed got all my stuff, I sold off the rest a few years back until I got locked up and my ebay hustle went out the window.

But you a cool cat Dragon, I respect how you roll folks! If you ever need anything out this way then shoot ya boy a message!

Much Love



( o )( o )
May 4, 2005
damn thats the same exact shit im listenin to! did he GIVE this to you or did he give it to you for a price (seems more likely). how much did you pay? let us know